• My friend landed a girlfriend on there, that pretty much made his computer worth every penny he paid for it. I have not achieved anything nearly so wonderful. Then again, I already had the girl. Fair trade.
  • AB of course!!!! LOL
  • I helped develop the traffic light control system for London, UK.
  • Deleting 3 registry items without completely crashing my system. It was like playing Russian Roulette... It was thrilling! but I stopped before I could do too mauch damage. I got scared.
  • My nursing degree.
  • This will tell you exactly how inept I really am. With the help of some AB friends and my son, after many many days and trial and error, I got my Avatar to show up..I didn't even realize it..had so many failures that the only way I found out was via an email from my son congratulating me! Then I got on AB and discovered that yep..there it living color (so to speak). My greatest computer achievement by far. :)
  • How to upload video's and images.. from a lot of help from my friends.
  • well I learned how to play answerbag
  • The Access database that I finished a couple of weeks ago. It has all the teams and players in a sports league and it produces a league table sorted from first to last, including differentiating between two or more teams with the same number of points by looking at their goal difference. It also produces reports showing which players have scored how many goals for each team and a report of disciplinary offences. All that the user has to do is type in the number of goals each team scores and select the scorers from drop down lists.
  • Hope you dont mind me putting my bit in. Several years ago now I wrote a Bingo caller programme ,in BASIC,on the Sinclair worked fine, but I couldn't work out how to cancel the numbers once they had been called ,so occassionaly it would call the same number especially after a lot of them had been called...The kids used to shout "Ahh!dad weve had that one"....
  • i like to get on yahoo answers a lot and go into the family section and help kids out with their family problems

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