• Im with you sister.
  • I think the younger generation has not been taught the respect they need, the value of hard work and many other important qualities. It's a sad state and will only get worse. A general kindness and compassion is missing from society.
  • I'm a bit confused, since I don't know your values... But everyone has their own values and their own perspectives on what is right in their lives and what is right for them. Things change and evolve.
  • It is broadening. Fewer parents teach their children to respect others.
  • I'm sorry I forgot the question, I was trying to see if your avatar has panties on.
  • Degradation process in this fast pace world. Day after day people tend to get everything with the easiest way. They can't wait Sex till they get married, value things by it's nominal. They have grown materialistic. Value other people based on the appearance.
  • When I look at the behavior pattern of today's people, I think that they have access to much material pleasure that our parents did not have. We followed the example of our parents and not what the preached in words. Today's culture totally changed because of the immense pressure of media that did not exist in the same quantity when I was brought up. That changes the perception of today's people.
  • It's evolving. I know some young people who have zero values and I know just as many, if not more, who have better values than the ones I was raised with. The younger generation is at the very least, more tolerant than those of my generation. They aren't doing too bad. This last election proved they aren't as apathetic as we all thought.
  • Your values are not only the ones you were brought up with but also the ones you developed in interaction with people whose values you considered worth emulating. One of the most important of these values must be respect for other's opinions and values. A few other's who never had the opportunity to have been brought up with good values or could not develop good values of life on their own are bound to have no respect to your values. Still there is no cause for despair. Our culture is as good and robust as ever. Only a minute minority have failed to imbibe the values of our culture.
  • Western culture is certainly degrading in some respects, though advancing in others. The biggest failing is that children are being brought up with a sense of entitlement and a lack of consequences. It is perfectly healthy to get your nose broken in a schoolyard scrap if you're a jerk. Fighting is GOOD... it teaches you respect. Gotta take your lumps like a man/woman. And no one is "entitled" to an X-box or a car or whatever. You have to EARN them. The blame lies squarely in the laps of bad parents who care more for things and possessions and status than their own children.
  • Cause stupid ass parents believe their kids should do whatever they want that everyone is an individual. like the top answer But everyone has their own values and their own perspectives on what is right in their lives and what is right for them. I saw a show on The Discovery Channel where some juvenile elephants were put in a national park and when they were old enough to mate they starting really acting up. They had to transport older more mature elephants to put the young ones in line and it worked.
  • I agree with you! Too many people adults and children have a huge lack of murals & values these days and it is only going to get worse. Why? Because people have an attitude that they should get what they want, when they want it & how they want it & when they don't they see no big deal in just taking it. To many people aren't willing to take the time & put in the extra effort it takes to work for what they get.... relationships, friends, etc.
  • 7-29-2017 If you mean the USA, the nation is collapsing. So are several other countries. All cultures eventually collapse, all in the same general manner and for the same general reasons, but details and timing are random. Here is a free ebook that explains the process:
  • All cultures are inherently predisposed to change with new ideas that are developing worldwide.

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