• You could be. Filing a report with the police, knowing it was false is a misdemeanor (at least in California). See Penal Code section 148.5. So how can you help make it "go away"? Contact the district attorney's office and let them know you're not interested in pursuing charges. Call the reporting officer or detective and the defendant's attorney and tell them the same thing. While the prosecutor doesn't have to follow your wishes, most will at least factor in your desire to have the case dropped in deciding to file charges, dismiss the case or enter into a plea bargain. See
  • Lying to the police is against the law. And so is filing a false police report. Not advisable. The report was filed, you can't make it go away. If you don't want to pursue the domestic charges, then don't. No one can make you.
  • not sure but you'll find out soon

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