• because they need to know that they are hiring somebody that can give their company a professional image
  • i think thats an old thought, i employ and its best person period
  • If you're applying at Subway and look like you haven't bathed in 6 months I will walk out rather than order.
  • Because you are the "FACE" of the employer in many circumstances - Retail, service, sales, etc. If you don't "look good" or "acceptable", then outside people may get a bad idea about the employer. In many cases, hygiene and clothing are all it takes to make yourself presentable. And, another thing, if you don't believe the job is worth cleaning and dressing up to interview for, they won't have ANY reason to hire you.
  • It is supposed that you can judge a person by the way they dress. A sloppy dresser indicates a sloppy personality, which could reflect on the work habits as well. I am not saying that you can judge a person that way, I'm just answering you question about what employers do.

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