• 'Seriously! That man is our president??"
  • I really dont like the woman who works in my office she is the biggest man hating bitch ever
  • i need a pregnancy test
  • mom im pregnant again! lol
  • ' I would never be anything more than a friend to you ' , I hated to say that ... but somebody wanted to hear it !
  • "Is she breathing"?
  • We've elected a Socialist president in America. Never thought i would ever say that.
  • "I'm sorry, Officer" :) Unfortunately, this is a true answer! lol I was driving down the street and stopped at the light before turning right to enter the onramp of an expressway. There was a policeman sitting there to the right. Not a bad thing given how snarled the traffice can get sometimes with all the lanes and backups. That intersection is notorious for people who get "caught" out in the middle of the street thus blocking traffic when the light changes and they aren't all the way onto the onramp yet. Backups, backups, backups. lol Ok, So I come along in far right lane - stop - look in all directions - an opening - I make my right turn onto the onramp. I smile and wave at the policeman - thinking I wouldn't want to have his job dealing with all the drivers, but still, happy he's there. Within seconds, I heard a siren and that cop was unbelievably behind ME announcing through his roof speaker to PULL OVER. Whoa!!!!! Seems I wasn't a law abiding citizen doing a legal "right on red" turn .. stopping first .. safely making the turn .. or even being friendly with a cop. Nope. There was a sign I'd missed that said No turn on red between this time and that .. and of course ... I was 5 minutes inside the outer boundary of it! So after I'd stopped, I should have stayed put and NOT made that ramp entry. To WAVE at the policeman then wasn't seen as friendly or supportive, it was like I was waving a transgression in his face! Yikes!! He saw my handicapped placard and guess I didnt look very threatening .. lol .. but still .. I was in the wrong. So .. er .. after he explained what I'd done .. DUH on me .. "I'm sorry, Officer" is what came out of my mouth.
  • I had to tell one of my sisters that she was a bad mother. Didn't want to, but if you ask me a serious question like that I will answer honestly. I never thought that I would have to say that to anyone's face before.
  • On phone to a police officer: No, let her sit in jail not bailing her out.
  • I want to get a divorce.
  • I liked being a gopher. (Yes, last weekend I went to a convention. I signed up for volunteering, only because my sister was doing it. I was the most reluctant person to sign up "willingly". I ended up liking it, and feeling important for once. I want to do it again, next year.)
  • I told my GF its either Him (some other guy she was to close to) OR me. Never thought I would have to say taht o.O Nor did I want to.
  • Mom, I'm getting married again! :)
  • Telling my mother and father that i cannot be in a relationship with them at this time in my life. (or maybe never)- but left this part out.
  • "I am officially asking you to stay away from me" Or "If you don't leave me alone I'm contacting CL' Or "If you don't stay away from me I'm contacting CL" Or "This has been forwarded to CL" Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be playing tattle tale because of someone on a website. *Sighs*
  • "I'm finally sick of spumoni ice cream!: :(
  • I never thought I wouldn't get the chance to say good bye to my own grandmother before she was taken overnight to Texas, so "Goodbye" is something I thought I would get to say to her but didn't.
  • dont worry, it is going to be ok.

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