• Hell no. Who can do the forcing? If it's a job, I wouldn't stay there. This is one of the reasons I'm self employed.
  • When I was a licensed foster parent in Texas, I was required to take my foster children in for shots constantly. They received many, many shots. Texas has a law that if a public school child's family opts out of vaccinations, they can be forced out of school during an "emergency" and emergency is not defined. I feel many children are unable to effectively detoxify all the toxic elements that come with the many, many vaccinations they are now given and as a result any school teacher can tell you that the number of learning disabled, socially disabled, autistic children and children with hyperactive disorders is literally in epidemic numbers. Unfortunately many of the same people who receive vaccinations for free because of poverty are ignorant of the damage being done and also unwilling or unable to spend the time and effort necessary to feed their damaged children high quality foods which will help them with these toxic disorders. Thousands of parents have written to legislators testifying that their children obviously became brain damaged as a result of vaccination. The FDA limits the amount of mercury children should have, yet if you add up the amount they get in the shots they get, many are receiving more than 100 times as much as the government considers safe. But it's bread and butter in the pockets of drug companies (who lobby for madatory vaccinations for children) and for pediatritions (many of whom seem brainwashed).
  • If a person is allergic to it, they would not give it to them! Nobody is giving me a shot.
  • No I wouldn't take one. I have never even had the flu and I am not in an at risk group for flu death. If I were in such a group then I probably would take one.
  • absolutely I will take the flu dad is 83, my sister is in end stage colon cancer (at age 47) and I have asthma as do 3 of my 4 kids. The flu can be more then an inconvienience to us.
  • Cite your source,please. I do get my flu shot every year willingly.
  • So long as my surgical mask provides 100% prophylactic, and so long as I can get the mask brand I use, my flu shot days are over. I just bought two boxes of masks off the Darknet, and will buy four more next month, so my supply is certain. As for the COVID vaccine, I'll wait a couple years for the leftard guinea pigs to properly vett it, then decide. I will be getting a pneumonia vaccine in a couple months, as I do every five years.

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