• No. We paid for it, and we still do .
  • Well slaves built alot of things in America and im not sure if they built the white house though I know it doesn't answer your question but 3 points is 3 points right?
  • the whitehouse George Washington and a city planner by the name of Pierre L'enfant chose the site. A competition was held for the design, which was narrowed down to 9 candidates. James Hoban an Irish architech won and his design was built. The building itself was put up by slaves along with Irish and Italian immigrants.
  • Probably. This whole country stolen by robbing the natives of their land after murdering them, then it was built on slavery.
  • I dont think slaves built anything, they were just used on the plantations in the south.
  • They helped build it. There is little dispute among historians that slaves had a role in the building of the White House. According to the White House Historical Association

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