• Yes, I've had cute kids but I would never put them in any sort of contest that uses looks to determine a winner. I value their personalities and intelligence more than their beauty. I'm pleased though because they are actually very beautiful girls.
  • My boys were adorable, however I would never put them in a contest based on looks.
  • My girls are very beautiful, but a contest, never, would not exploit them!
  • Yes, all three of mine are cute! I was even approached to allow my daughter to do some modeling. With sky blue eyes and a ridiculously long mane of wavy blond hair down her back she would have been a shoe in, but she was only two so I said "no thank you". I don't want my kids growing up putting too much emphasis on ANYONE'S looks.
  • My son and daughter are both adorable! I wouldn't enter them in any contest like that though. I want them to focus on the insides and not the outsides. I would rather show off their talent then their cuteness.
  • I wounldn't enter him in a contest but dam he's very cute or am I just prejudice!!!
  • He's adorable, but I don't need to prove that to anybody else. I intend to let him just be a kid, not a show dog...
  • He's the most handsome, adorable little guy. I would never enter him in a contest though. People told me to send his pic in to contests and stuff, but why...I love my son with or without contests.

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