• Businesses like these only work for those who get in early and spend a huge amount of time in building their portion of the business up. I've had people try to recruit me for these things and I always take the free lunch and say no thanks. If you're the type of person who is a great people person and sales person, this might work for you, but I know that's not me. It's not necessarily the company that's duping people though, it's the environment the company creates to get you involved. People that are trying to sell you into being involved are laying it on thick to get you to join so they can make more money. The promise of easy money, little work, and being your own boss is usually exagerated if not an all out lie. People I've talked with about this say they had to put in more work than they were on there 9-5 job with little to no money to show for it. I know this type of thing isn't for me, I know it and will never do it, but like I said, it does work for some.

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