• my question is does any of these two movies contain any nude or sex scenes, far away from the scary scenes can i watch it with immature ppl ? (:
  • i dont know about Dracula but Dark Knight is an amazing movie and all the charcaters have played their part very well
  • I LOVED "Dracula" but then Gary Oldman's one of my favorite actors.....been a while since I"ve seen it, but I don't think there are any 'sex scenes' per should go to and they have reviews by everyday people, and a section about 'parental warnings'.....enter the title and then check it that way.........but I don't think you'd have anything to be concerned one scene the female vampires I believe approach him in filmy nightgowns, but no actual nudity, etc.....but check IMDB to be sure!!!!!!!!!! and enjoy the's a good one.............

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