• because mairage is a religious rite (note it is not spelled right) ellegedly instituted by god which is long defined as male/female. they believe the treditional family is designed by god. ask for civil unions and the church will leave it alone, but ask the state to change the deffinition of religious word and they will fight it.
  • I can tell you from experience, that in areas where they predominate they subdue the culture as well as the economy. They are tolerant in word but not in practice.
  • Because they are intolerant to people who follow ways other than theirs.
  • Because their faith doesn't believe in gay marriage. To them homosexuality is a grave sin.
  • The Mormons have been persecuted, and chased out of towns and states. Wasn't the founder lynched as well? One of the reasons they setted in Utah was because they knew it would be away from people. To that end, they must have adopted a 'screw the rest of you' mentality instead of an understanding for the presecuted.
  • They practice oppression on themselves too.
  • they should invest their money in allllll those children on welfare because dad is only legally married to one of the mothers
  • Mormons are not oppressing gay people. They are trying to defend the traditional definition of marriage. This is how we define oppression today? By voting? By speaking out on issues that are important to them? BTW, 70% of blacks voted in support of Prop 8 in California. THEY were the ones who really tipped the balance on this initiative. THEY were/are an extremely oppressed group, much more so than the Mormons. Why aren't you accusing them of a "screw you" mentality?
  • You say Mormons I say morons.
  • Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  • God have mercy on all those who judge. My Bible says "JUDGE NOT". Perhaps I missed something. No! I got the point
  • This a good question, So let me tell you why the Church is so set against Gay marriages. It really has nothing whatsoever to do directly with the gay communities. They just happen to be caught in the middle. In the pre-existence we all lived with our heavenly Father, who presented us with a plan whereby we could one day become like Him. It would require two things. 1. A physical body. 2. A knowledge of Good and Evil. Neither of these things could be obtained in His presence. Therefore God created this earth for that purpose. Other things were also necessary in order for the father's plan to secceed, one of which was that we were to marry and produce bodies for all our brothers and sisters to come to earth as well. This could ONLY happen between a man and a woman. Two men cannot produce a baby by themselves, nor can two women, by themselves. From the beginning Satan opposed the father's plan and rebelled against Him and those of us who accepted that plan. This proposition which recently passed, was a failure for satan's plan, and a plus for Father's plan. It was unfortunate that the Gay's and Lesbians were caught in the middle, but it was Satan who was pushing their cause, In an attempt to destroy the father's plan. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints could not let that happen, but the truth is, the Church did not spend one dime supporting this proposition. If any money was spent it was done by individual members, not the Church. I hope this helps to explain why we are so opposed to Gay marriages. It had nothing to do with our feelings toward the activities of these groups, they are still very much our brothers and sisters. whew4
  • Because they believe that homosexuality is a choice, that it is wrong, and that it is their responsibility to discourage that choice as much as they can. They don't view their activities as oppression -- they see it as correction. As an openly gay man, and a Christian, I firmly believe that they are wrong. I suspect there may be people among the LDS Church who actually do hate me on principle, but the majority of LDS members who want to come into my house and mess with my life don't do that out of hatred. It's mostly out of genuine, but misplaced, concern or out of indifference. I can appreciate all of that intellectually, and it helps me keep my blood pressure under control, but I still have to watch my tendency to grind my teeth. Nothing's more frustrating that having somebody talking about you when every word that comes out of their mouths proves they have no idea what they're talking about.

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