• Puss is a sign of infection. Is the sensation "funny" or "painful"? I noticed that when my belly hole would start to get infected, it would hurt a lot. I suggest you get some antibacterial agent in there. Gargle in saltwater (make it REALLY, EXTREMELY salty...until the water is a milky white). Keep it up for several minutes. Make sure you do this several times a day. If it doesn't get better, or looks worse - see a doctor immediately.
  • Have you just got it pierced? When my sister had her tongue done, there was an exudate of plasma, lymph, dead cells and so on. It should not be copious in quantity, malodorous, or green. It dries on the ring at the openings of the piercing forming a small amount of crystalline-appearing crust.
  • I got it done Wed 12/20/2006 and the swelling has gone down adn I am no longer have this white stuff coming out form around the hole so I think it may be the white blood u mentioned. Thank u.
  • i think that is a sign of a the shop you had it done in and ask them because they will no if its just somethink that happens when you first get it done
  • i notice this also other people told me it was normal for every new peircing. i dont think itsz normal but if u think it may be a problem WAT EVER U dO DUNT TAKE IT OUT>>. if u do the hole will close causing the infection 2 spread it sounds bad right ..if anything go 2 the shop of person that did it if the have there paper work they should know wat 2 do

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