• Of course not! The Pet is not a child but is its own category in the family. The pet bonds parents and children with themselves and each other. So no, the pet is not a child substitute
  • in a's a different type of love and compassion. Substitute..I wouldn't use that word but my dog is like my son was but he's never slammed doors and said talked back to me.
  • a way, yes.
  • LOL...but I confess that my babies do look a lot like cats! :P I wonder if people sometimes think of children as pet! How are you today, Zack? Below is a pic of one of my children: :D
  • ...Im not sure which one I would want less.. o.O ~+~
  • I have nothing against children at all. I like kids, but a realized many years ago that I am not "mom" material. I love being an aunt. We do have 5 cats that really are "kids" to us. I wouldn't call them substitutes at all. They are part of our family. And I know lots of people just like us. Pets are definately family!
  • Since my only daughter was stillborn and I have had at least three viable miscarriages and have been told I can't even get pregnant now, yes, my pets have been somewhat of a "substitute" for children... but not by choice. I love and care for them, worry about them, buy for them, doctor them, provide for them, teach them, discipline them, brag about them, show them off, talk to them, fight with my husband over them, and grieve for them... so yes, I guess since they are very much a part of my family and very much dependent on me, in many ways they are "substitutes".
  • Right now, at the age of 21, yes I do...I'm not ready (financially, mentally or emotionally) for children YET. Someday, but not just yet.
  • Yes, in a way. Animals equally show their love on their masters and some are too loyal and loving. They consider themselves as part of our family(or consider us as their family, either way).
  • I do believe that the longer you have a pet, the more to treat them as part of the family - like a child I have always said, "you fu*k with my dog, then you fu*k with me!"
  • No. Maybe at one time but now that I am a parent, although I love my pet, it is not even close to a child.
  • My cats are my furry kids. Actually, I do love my cats, but don't think of them as human or children.
  • i think sometimes people think of their pets as their substitute children, but since i've had both pets AND children, i wouldn't cross that line. i really, really, really, like my pets but i really, really, really, love my children
  • My sister has never had kids, so her and her husband have 5 cats. And i'm unsure if my love and I will have kids, so i think pets would be a good substitute. A pet wont take you on Maury to tell you what a shitty parent you are when they're 17 years old.
  • I don't..but maybe that is because I have a son and I have a cat and while we love our cat dearly he is not a substitute for my son or Jim's sons. Now, if we were childless, then maybe we'd feel differently. :)
  • No. I do consider my cats to be my roommates, and they are like family members, but I see them as different creatures who we live together with. They live together with humans, we with cats. I find it a very special thing to live together with such different beings though and I love them to death.
  • Yes i think i do as i call my cat my baby lol:)
  • I used to think when my uncle and aunt kept 8-10 dogs at home as pets.They never had any kids.I have one dog at home always and 2 kids now!
  • yes :(

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