• When I used to complain and whimper my mother would promise me "i will give you something to cry about". I guess if you give them a "life changing experience", they might be a little more loving, liberal and forget all these tiny little annoyances they like to blow out of proportion.
  • Either talk to them and explain what they are doing wrong or dont bother with them!!
  • Christ's love.
  • A life-changing event, a really serious problem to deal with or an horrendous illness. These things usually put life into perspective and forget the petty things.
  • Make them walk a mile in someone else's shoes such as the ones they feel they are above or better then. Sometimes after they've went through the same thing someone else has they understand better why someones the way they are & they complain less
  • 1) Try direct talk as first approach - trying to get some perspective: Ok - you have concerns. Now imagine a scale - numbered from 1 to 10. Ten is nuclear war. Now, where does your current situation fit on the scale .. what number? 2) I know some folks who - no matter the situation - will ever find ways to just be - well - petty! Have not figured out that being petty is a self-chosen behavior not an built-in permanent personality trait. For those who consistently insist on approaching life that way? Ongoing? Used to try to look around it, but it just wears you down after awhile .. just like negativity in general does. So now, if at all feasable, I avoid them. Life is too short!
  • If it doesn't affect you personally, ignore it. Which is actually quite funny considering that is how American society is at large when it comes to important issues
  • In my experience, people who are petty generally have no idea about the difficulties in life... or they just can't see them, or they are full of so many negative vibes that are flowing in and out of their bodies and brains that they just don't have the capacity to think about anybody or anything apart from theirselves... Pettiness can be cured (in my opinion).. permanently, if and when the person experiences something so big! Or temporarily by changing the subject of conversation into a positive one.
  • Have them do volunteer work at a veteran's hospital.
  • poverty.
  • I think the best thing to do is start with an example, a role model for others. Preaching doesn't work. People are what they are because they feel justified being that way. Telling them they're wrong usually isn't accepted graciously! :)
  • Just tell them to suck it up and live with it!! I am a compassionate person but whining gets on my nerves. Life to short for pettiness!
  • A good slap or maybe a good dip in really cold water every time it happens. They will get the point.
  • Lighting a fire under their ass helps :)
  • Imagine yourself on the receiving end of the treatment you are meting out on others.
  • You can't really cure people of being petty unfortunately. Half the time they don't even recognize (or acknowledge) that their behavior is petty. Usually people are petty because they are small vs. big picture thinkers. They're unhappy and have a constant desire to be right. Sometimes "curing" them is as easy as gently pointing out that in the grand scheme of things what they are trifling over is small potatoes. Others are never going to see it any way but theirs no matter what you say to them. Something has to change inside them for it to be completely cured. You can't change it for them.
  • i dont think you can cure them
  • i am the bitchmeister general!i feel someone has to do it.politicians have to.if some people didnt bitch,evil would rule!!!
    • Lilo Avli
      Lol ! I'll have what you're drinkin'.
  • Is it your job? Have they hired you to help them?

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