• For some, the fun is in starting arguments. Others are just trolls.
  • You're absolutely right, that is the point of the site, but every now and again a question pops up that is just begging for an ironic answer and I sometimes can't resist. I plead guilty to being an occasional smart arse, but not guilty to the down-rating charge.
  • Occassionally you can tell the questioneer was asking a smart ass question if you're here long enough. I try not to give total put down answers though.
  • Why be a smartass and ask questions that are really statements not real questions? (I am not talking about yours) I have thought about posting a question today asking why this one member will not stop with his Republican slandering but I reframed myself. Some questions do call for a smartass answer. I try not to make it a habit to be a smartass though.
  • I am standing and clapping my hands for you. That is so true and I am glad you posted it. The purpose is to help others by sharing knowledge not being a jerk with a computer.
  • Good question....some people love to stir things up. Of course, there are the questions that are asked specifically to start trouble as well (a "baited" question)...they are asked simply so that anyone who opposes the asker can be DRd and chastised. Or, those that are really just a biased statement and not a question at all.
  • Not all questions are fair and balanced, and sometimes that needs to be pointed out. Of course, though, that doesn't make the question "unhelpful" and worthy of a DR.
  • Agreed. =) Although, I do throw my fair share of funny answers out there that sometimes don't really answer the question very well.
  • Why is it that every other poster today thinks that somebody died and let them in charge of regulating AB behavior?
  • Sometimes I answer a question with a question because I am genuinely interested in answering but need additional information. Or, I don't know exactly what they are asking but I'm very curios about the question and want clarification.
  • I usually don't and I never DR. I have on occasion been totally guilty of being a smartass, (great example here I try not to do that frequently as, you correctly stated, it is not very helpful.
  • I dont do that. But I just had a fight with someone who posted a question for the purpose of starting trouble and giving out mass DR. Its all childish in my POV.
  • I have thought the very same thing many times! If you don't like it MOVE ON DOWN THE ROAD!!!!!!!
  • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don't get it.

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