• My dad's mom is funny and boisterous and loves to moms' mom makes a mean apple strudel - they're happily still with me to this day. :)
  • When my maternal grandmother was living, she showed me unconditional love. She loved people. She was always cooking, canning or making quilts. When she passed away, I grieved for a long time.
  • I loved my Grandma's sense of humor and intelligence, but there was her sweet little face that I loved the most.
  • She's really nice . . . but she tries to feed everybody more than they can eat!
  • My mother's mother was sweet and kind.
  • Her laugh. She was short and pudgy, so whenever she would laugh, her whole body would shake and jiggle! She was so cute, I sure do miss my Nana.
  • Wow, that would take all day. She was one of the most humble, selfless, generous, kind and loving people I ever knew. She was funny and cheerful and always looking for ways to help others and give to others. She did work outside the home, which was a rarity in her generation. She spent most of her adult life working as a teacher's aide in a trainable mentally retarded classroom. As she said, it sometimes took years to teach a kid just to wipe his own nose, but when he got it, she was probably prouder of him than his own mother. She would talk about it with delight for weeks. She was a fantastic cook and always cooking for others. When she died, there was a pot of soup in the fridge that she'd made for a sick friend but never got to deliver. She was creative, making beatiful quilts and paintings. She always had a smile on her lovely face. Of course, that is just one Grandma, and thanks to my mother being married three times, I had four grandma's. All of them were special and delightful in their own way and each deserve a long and loving tribute. But I spent the most time with this Grandma. When my mother worked on her Master's each summer, I went to stay with this Grandma.
  • She has a wonderful sense of humor :)
  • I love how self-less she is. She's been through so much with my grandfather throughout the course of their relationship and never once has she ever gotten down on herself. And she has a genuine love for her grandchildren. She would do anything for any one of us in a heartbeat. She's helped me out when my car has broken down, she let me move in when I left my fiance, she's been one of the rocks in my life.
  • Honestly? Nothing. (my paternal grandmother) She never treated me like a grandson. She had favorites, and I was not one of them. I never met my maternal grandmother.
  • she was so kind, she always looked for the good in people. and she loved me.
  • She's the sweetest lady you've ever met, but that characteristic is followed closely by her ability to cook!! : )
  • My Dad's mom was a very crafty person, and taught me all she knew. My Mom's mom was a very worldly woman, and taught me how to stand up for myself.
  • she makes me clothes :)
  • whenever i went to visit her she would have vegetable soup and lemon fluff pie waiting for me. i was the only one that was allowed to each it. and if i ate all my veggie soup i could have a piece of pie after every meal!
  • If you even suggested that you liked a particular food, she ALWAYS had it when you came over to see her. She was so thoughtful, and such a good listener.
  • they were both kind, warm, generous people. they loved me very much and encouraged me. i was always tickled that they always remembered me on my birthday. i remember their sweet, smiling faces, and i used to enjoy holding their soft hands. my maternal grandmother helped raised me while living with my parents until i was 8 years old. she doted on me, nursed me back to health when i was ill, and was integral in shaping me during my formative years into the person i am today. i will never forget her incredible gift of love. what an endearing woman.
  • My grandmother maternally is still alive and she is a really good cook. She is also a ex-wedding planner and used to run a restraunt. She is now retired and is 73 years old. Still one of the kindest people in town. Her mother (my great grandmother) lives with her and they get on fairly well most of the time. My paternal grandmother was a very generous and warm hearted lady. She had a lot of sickness in her later years and despite it all made a good face. She died in her sleep in July 2003 at age 73.
  • My grandma was the best grandma ever she was so loving and would always show you she loved you with all her heart ,she couldnt afford much but we always got a little money on birthdays and christmas , i never ever heard her raise her voice she had the patience of a saint ,my grandma died 7 years ago and i miss her so much ,i was always very shy about showing my feelings up untill recently i just wish she was here to tell her how much she was loved .

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