• Why is it bad to expose her to the other side's views? It will educate her and give her a broader base of knowledge from which to work. If you believe the creationism is true and if you expose your child to this truth in a logical and rational way, then what's the harm of allowing her to hear about evolution? If it isn't true it won't stand up. If you have done a good job of teaching her the view that you want her to have then she will be able to see through the evolution theory and she will cling to creationism. Protecting her from the exposure to the other view will make her a weaker person. If she has the truth in her head then how will it hurt to allow her to hear things that aren't true? She is old enough to understand and she is old enough to decide what she wants to believe. Equip your child with the tools she needs to make the right decisions for herself then allow her to be exposed to the other views. Isn't she supposed to be in the world but not of the world? If so, then shutting her away from the world isn't part of the plan.
  • Let somebody teach them the evil God shall be the most enlightening teacher at last!
  • There is nothing evil about learning about evolution in school. It is part of the curriculum in most states. If it bothers you that much, just talk to your child and tell her that you think it's nonsense and not to believe it. However, it is the child's decision to decide what she believes and what she doesn't and in the end, there is very little you can do to change her mind. Oh, and to Fallingdown, you're nuts. You shouldn't exorcise a teacher for teaching what is required. She probably has to teach it whether she believes it or not.
  • Evolution is a proven fact. It happens to be one of the ways God used to develop the universe. It has NOTHING to do with faith in God or in Jesus. You are listening to the wrong people if you think that your faith depends on somehow disproving evolution. And keeping your daughter in ignorance is DEFINITELY NOT Biblical!
  • I'm not sure what the evils of evolution are. If you are talking about evolution in general, then what is wrong with exposing her to other viewpoints? I believe that God created the earth and all that is in it, but I am also very open to hear other viewpoints. As far as homeschooling, you don't have to be rich to home school. There are plenty of extremely low income families who home school and do a wonderful job at it. There are also private schools that offer scholarships if you are very against public schooling.
  • same as above, talk to your child and let them know what you believe. Think through it and not hide in ignorance. Sounds like you can spend more time with them because of this talking through your believes :)
  • To everyone saying that evolution is a proven fact, have you even read: ? Please check out the FACTS before you give bad advice!
    • ctlemon
      Why would we check a religious website for details about a scientific subject?
  • You can best 'protect' her by blindfolding her and gagging her. By preventing her from thinking for herself, you can brainwash her into believing anything you like.
  • When did you child start learning about Jesus and the Bibe? Isn´t this a little you to be exposed to such stuff? Children tend to believe everything they´re told, like Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and so on. Therefore, one shouldn´t teach what to think, one should teach HOW to think. If they´re taught evolution, they shouldn´t be told: This is what happened, period. They have to look at the evidence, understand how science works, and then they will automatically accept evolution because of the evidence. Evolution happened, and it would be bad for the future of your child if you put her in a fundamentalist school were they teach their children bronze age creation myths instead of science. We live in the twenty-first century! To comfort you a little, actually there are many many religious people who do accept evolution. Evolution doesn´t disprove god, because nothing can be disproven. The catholic church for example stated that they accept evolution. I know evolution very well, if you have further questions, just ask. I hope you will let your child decide for itself what to believe. Don´t hesitate to tell her what you think, but be aware that you don´t know everything. Let your child see both sides.
  • Well you have many potential courses of action so I suggest investigate all of them. Scholarly research has shown many interesting statistics on this subject actually. Seems that the recent debates over intelligent design (not a theory) and Revolutionary Theory have spurred the research. 50% of children exposed to Asbestos before the age of 5 have Add at a rate 5 times higher than normal kids. 100% of school board members in Pennsylvania have been removed from office due to insinuating that there are alternatives to ID 47% Of students who are not taught about evolution end up with a lower rate of STDs in high school Hope that helps. Good luck with your dilemma, also make sure to tell your kids fairy tales not just at bed time but during the day. It helps with their creative development (assuming you make sure to separate fantasy from reality, if you dont then the children will begin to make up absurd stories about silly unreal things magically appearing from wizard spells.) and reinforces the bond between you and your child.
  • I'm not sure I understand your statement. We took our daughter to the creation museum a few months ago and that seemed to help, but now she's just getting confused. She keeps asking us how the creation museum can be right when her teachers keep telling her different stories. Right now saying, "who do you believe, God or your teacher?" is working pretty good, but I'm afraid it's not enough. These godless atheists are really working on my child and they have her for seven hours every day -- more than I get! It's really hard to counteract their evil presence. Why should they be allowed to teach their religion in school anyway?
  • I hope your being sarcastic. . There is nothing dangerous about evolution. It's perfectly sound science. . The danger lies in teaching kids mythology as fact.
  • Prove to her that you're right (hee hee hee)
  • yes facts are just sooo evil. I feel bad for your child that she has a parent who want's her to grow up so dumb
  • Oh, no! Not EVOLUTION! Next you'll be telling us that they learn about those pagan Hindus with the dots on their head and that there's a possibility that the second amendment could be overturned! *gasp!* Let your child think for herself, while it's still legal to do so. If you "protect" her from knowledge you are doing her a GRAVE disservice.
  • Evolution is not taught as a "fact" it is taught as a "theory". So explain to your children what a theory is as well as your own religious beliefs. After that let them decide for themselves what to believe.
    • ctlemon
      Glad you pointed that out. Evolution is not fact. It is based on facts and is the most heavily supported scientific explanation for the diversity of life. Designating an explanation for a natural phenomenon as a scientific theory is the highest compliment can be given. The common myth is that a scientific theory is only waiting to be upgraded to being a law. They are two different things, not two different degrees or values.
  • God forbid open mindedness...
  • Check out some of this "Arm-Bong's" other questions and answers, especially the one where he recommends pouring bleach into an automobile's oil. He's playing, guys!
  • Learning something about the theory of evolution doesn't mean it's "evil" If your beliefs are different which it appears they are..... The best thing you can do is to teach her the truth... God created the world and explain to her that there are others that have different opinions and you just need to make sure she knows what you believe in. She will get to an age that she is responsible for making her on choices based on what she has learn through life so while you can't choose what she will or won't believe in..... you can teach her what you believe in & why. Also I'm not rich and I do home-school my children. It's not easy...we did make some sacrifices.... I also did have to find work I could do at home, but well worth it.
  • What's wrong with hearing "both sides" of that argument? (I personally believe that evolution didn't happen without Creation)
    • ctlemon
      There is nothing wrong with believing that God used evolution as a tool to diversify life on Earth. I don't personally believe that but it's the most rational explanation for the diversity of life that those of faith can have in my opinion. It's combining faith with observable evidence.
  • 9-21-2017 I suggest you teach the scientific method: 1)Observe something. 2)Make up a hypothesis to explain it. 3)Make up a test for your hypothesis. 4)If the test fails, return to step 2. 5)If the test passes and is confirmed by repeated tests, the hypothesis might or might not be promoted to a theory. Point out to her that scientists often get hung up on step 2, acting as if they know something without proving it. And sometimes they will offer outright hoaxes. Even Isaac Newton fudged his data to agree with his theory of gravity!
  • you could try homeschooling her
  • A better question would be "How can I teach my child how to think for herself?" I'd recommend that one. I don't care what you believe but forcing your beliefs on others, especially your children, is an awful thing to do. I have two young children and anytime we have discussed any of my beliefs, I have explained why I believe them and that they should think about what they believe is true. Teaching your children to think for themselves instead of just whatever the authority says is one of the most precious gifts you can give them.
  • Evolution is a scientific fact, so it is proper to teach it in schools. Evolution is not evil. Your child needs protection from your ignorance.
  • Evolution is a scientific fact, so it is proper to teach it in schools. Evolution is not evil. Your child needs protection from your ignorance.
  • Evolution is a scientific fact, so it is proper to teach it in schools. Evolution is not evil. Your child needs protection from your ignorance.

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