• He was born in a manger, which is a feeding trough, and He said that foxes have holes, birds have nests, but the Son of Man (how He refers to Himself) has not a place to lay his head. He was quite poor.
  • Humble and poor by earthly standards, Wealthy beyond measure by heavenly standards.
  • In between. As the son of a carpenter, Jesus was probably middle class. He was born in a manger because there was no room at the inn, not because his parents were poor. As a traveling rabbi, Jesus was poor. He had few possessions and lived on what was freely given to him by others. With love in Christ.
  • Jesus was not poor. 1. Mary and Joseph were not poor, joseph was a carpenter/craftsman of royal descent 2. Jesus was able to travel for 3.5 years, something a poor man could not afford to do 3. When Jesus is of age, He establishes a small private school, whose students were working men but were now no longer so. Fortunately, they receive gifts from female admirers, not only food, drink and lodging but also clean cash, even to such an extent that one of the students (Judas) was appointed secretary, to handle the cash flow. 4. Jesus had a treasury and treasurer (judas) who was stealing from the treasury and no one noticed, for Judas to do this there must have been a lot of money there for no one to notice money missing. Not to mention a treasury is for have a surplus you must have a lot of money. 5. His coiffure was most likely immaculate and according to the fashion of the time (long hair; beard). He wore for a tunic or undergarment a seamless garment that was so costly that his executioners didn't tear it up but cast dice for it.
  • He was born in a poor place- a manger. But no mention has been given in bible regarding his financial status or that of Joseph. No matter Joseph is a carpenter, he still would have made a decent life. So I think he must be either poor or in between.
  • Jesus was rich but He became poor for our sake.
  • Jesus was the son of a carpenter. He must have been economically well.
  • Jesus was only one thing: a fictional character created by the imagination of either very conniving or very stupid people
  • On earth, Jesus was the poorest of the poor. Joseph his foster father was not a carpenter, but a 'hand worker', one who did odd jobs for the most meager of wages. As an itinerant preacher, Jesus had no more money than the average hobo. He subsisted on gifts and 'gleanings' as mentioned in scripture.
  • I believe that as an adult Jesus was poor and he had to rely on being fed and sheltered by his friends and followers.
  • Rich beyond your wildest dreams
  • Apparently all he owned when he was crucified was his sandals and robe.
  • I am going with rich because it matters what the term rich is in your mind. He was rich with love and knowledge, but not so much monetary.
  • His mother was the cousin of the high priest. So, that should indicate a higher level of society. For Joseph to have asked for her hand he must have at least have made a substantial living. When he was born the 3 kings brought him gold, francincense and mihr (a very esxpensive oil) so that was something. When he was 12 they went to Jerusalem and had so many people that he wasn't even missed for 3 days. Sounds like they were doing OK.
  • I think he was very rich and not monetarily . He was rich with love for others and a calling he could not pass up. He had others that always gave to him as he began his ministry. He was never in lack. He did not need things as he was a giver and a great one.
  • He was an ilegal from Mexico, making $5/hour mowing lawns, whatadaya think?
  • He was believed to be self reliant. History shares his father was a carpenter, and with that came a simple life.
  • He was VERY spirit. He was VERY wealth of the world. Money means nothing...what is what counts.
  • HIS parents were poor when they married...they gave the sacrifice of the poor at the temple...but they were comfortable....sure hard times...finding work...and feeding the family....

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