• Ok first stop using peroxide, its gonna dry your skin way too much. And dont worry about the buttom ball going in your peircing, its just swelling and the ring is too small, so u should go back to your peircer and they will change it for you for a bigger ring, when your pericing is healed or gone down in swelling you will be able to put the smaller one back in. Ive had exactly the same problem, just make sure you get it changed asap or it might leave a scar coz its too tight. If you got any questions let me know.
  • I wouldn't use peroxide unless your belly button is really infected pretty bad. It might ruin your piercing or making the healing time longer. And like the person commented before me go see the person that you got pierced from. That's your best answer
  • Surprisingly, liquid chlorine makes for an extremely good antiseptic. Use a cotton ball in a bit of a chlorine-based product and clean it twice a day with it. Trust me, I'm a doctor.
  • A lot of new piercings get rejected by the body. Especially if you wear clothes that are tighter around your waist (jeans, pantyhose). Ride it out, get some scar tissue there, and repierce in a year if it's necessary.
  • Peroxide is no good. When I had my belly button done I was told to use Dial liquid soap-the orange antibiotic stuff-and it healed great, but it's different for everyone. It sounds to me like you have just swollen up as a result of the piercing. Go back to the piercer and have that jewelry exchanged for a longer bar until it has healed a bit. I had this same problem with a lip piercing. You never know how much you will swell after so it's hard to know what length of jewelry to get. Definately go back and see your piercer, though!
  • really their is nuthing wrong u just have a small ring for it but dont take it out about 3 weeks and then if it still does that change it to a bigger size

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