• They are usually considered trolls. And, if you look at their + ratings given, they are usually around 50% or less as well. Sad, bitter people with nothing better to do than lash out at others. I see too much of it.
  • Fortunately I haven't run across these people. What I think of them is this..not much.
  • Poo on them, I go for the users I know that make me smile. HI SM00Z!
  • Ignore them
  • That is bad sm00z and to do that to you. You're a nice guy, I don't know of any time where you ever were nasty to anyone here. In football they penalize a player for taunting..they should here too.
  • Sadly enough, I have ran into several of them. It has made me do a lot more checking before just giving an answer. I find the best way to end these members activity is to ignore everything they submit. Even if they ask a great question. I know that any attention at all feeds them to continue. Ignoring them kills them. We all know when no one pays us any attention we will very quickly get bored and move along. I am not in it for the points (even though they are a nice pat on the back). I have even started answering unanswered questions where people who are not active any longer just to put an answer to their question. Chances are I will never get points for these but I like to feel that maybe if one person comes across one of them and the answer I gave has helped them then I did something good. I may never get a comment from these answers and thats ok too.
  • Just stop answering their questions.
  • I never get sarcastic remarks but I get Dr's they don't have the ball's to comment they just sneak in an "POW"
  • I dont have any time for these kind of people, personally I think they should go and find somewhere else to be rude!!

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