• I would guess that it would depend on the reasons that caused them to do what they did.
  • A matter of choice? ;-)
  • Boy, aren't you riding the "controversial question" line tonight sweets
  • My sister aborted one baby because it was going to be a girl, and she wanted a boy. She had a boy the next time. Seems like simple selective birth to me. Her choice, no one else's.
  • Circumstances change. There could be a number of variables, the father, economics, family situations, fear, maybe it was a terrible mistake. Just because a woman had an abortion once, doesn't meant she should never have kids for ever.
  • Until I know the full details of this hypothetical case, I can't really express an opinion
  • You mean right away? Abort baby on Tuesday and decide on Thursday that having a baby wouldn't be that bad and going for it? That seems ridiculous to me and the person obviously isn't stable.
  • I know a woman who aborted a baby so she would fit into her wedding dress. She got pregnant again right after the wedding and had that baby. I think she is a selfish PIG.
  • You don't give a specific time frame between the abortion and new pregnancy so it is not an easy question to answer.Do that and I can give you a more specific answer.
  • I know several women that had and abortion when they were young and went on to have babies later in life. I hold no negative opinion of them whatsoever.
  • Well, frankly, I'm confused. It makes no sense to me. :)
  • I think its pretty sad. I beleive that a woman has the right to have an abortion, but then why would you then choose to have another baby straight away? (Years later in different circumstances i can understand)I guess there could be extreme circumstances such as rape involved in the first pregnancy. This person sound too selfish to be a parent, we have tight animal ownership laws, i wish we could do the same for humans. It seems some people take having a healthy baby for granted, shame on them, babies should not be disposeable. As for the woman who had an abortion to look good at her wedding and the one who wanted a boy i find it to be a disgace. Do people think they are God??
  • I think any women who has an abortion for ANY reason outside of she will die, is selfish period. I may get DRd for this but I don't feel sorry for women who have an abortion and then can't get pregnant afterwards.. honestly, they don't need to. I have seen questions on here like "I just had an abortion 2 months ago and think I may be pregnant again".. God, I hope not. I think it's a sad world when more babies and YES, they are babies, are killed yearly than in the Iraq war. I know women have abortions because it's a spur of the moment decision and things happen.. they say we don't understand.. I DO UNDERSTAND.. I WAS THERE.. unmarried, family and church both shunned me. I was all alone and scared to death. so do not tell me I don't know what it's like to be in that place cause i do. It's sad that it's a law that it's ok to kill a baby just because being pregnant is inconvienant (as in the case of the wedding in one of the answers). Too many women who want to be moms and would DIE to be a mom and women get pregnant over and over again and destroy a life.. it's selfish.. they have no respect for life. Sorry if I didn't answer your question. I tried but I think I ranted instead
  • If you mean aborting a healthy baby because the woman knows what the sex of the unborn baby is going to be after a sex test.I think that this is morally wrong.
  • I think it's exceedingly selfish and irresponsible, and the thought of it saddens me beyond belief, but what else are we to do other than place that decision with the mother? Force her to have a baby? That's tatamount to slavery. The decision to abort or not to abort cannot be laid at the feet of anyone except those who can become pregnant. : (
  • It's a shame we have abortions for any reason although I think it would be as equally shameful to force a woman to have a child she doesn't want and possibly can't raise. The fix to the problem isn't to ban it but to change how people approach it through easy adoption, responsible use of birth control and easy access to it, etc.
  • What do I think? I think that each woman probably has her own story, so there's no way you can generalize.
  • I have no thoughts on the subject other than to protect a woman's right to choose. The choice is hers, not mine.
  • God grants all life and it is not up to us to kill. We are in the middle of an abortion holocaust right now. I think people are selfish and worry what other might think. They fear man rather than GOD. Its sin! And will be punished.
  • I am thinking the woman had an affair with a man and had to have an abortion to keep her husband from finding out she was cheating. I am pro-life so I don't agree with abortion but this is the first thing that came to my mind when I read this question.
  • Healthy women who have no problems are abusing the right. It makes it easier for pro-lifers to criticize all women who abort, with disregard to physical, mental, and financial problems. But I can't determine what kind of person she is like, based on the limited evidence you have given. She could have had other problems.
  • It is not ok for women to murder their babies. The women who did this to fit into her wedding dress disgusts me. Yes, we women should govern our own bodies. We should be able to choose our birth control, whether to have babies or not but we should not be able to have the choice to let them live or not.My daughter went in to have an abortion and I prayed to God she wouldnt get it. They told her sorry you are a week too late. The following week she went in for a check up and they said you were not too late then but you are now. She also had an autistic child and I am raising both girls. They are great kids. Even though I am older and the kids are not what I had planned as part of my retirement, I am glad she didnt abort them. She has had so many other abortions that she can no longer have children and she is in her 20's. I told my kids the choices you make are the ones you have to live with. But some times people dont seem to have a conscience.

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