• Not as often as I would like because I've seemed to have lost one of several pairs of earings in the house. I know they will eventually turn up but until then, I'm wearing just a pair of silver earings that I've been leaving in. The only other piece of jewelry that I've been wearing is my wedding rings.
  • I usually wear the same earrings, the diamonds my momma bought me. And I always wear my hawaiian bracelets every single day.
  • I don't wear earrings. I change my necklace whenever the mood for change strikes me.
  • I don't wear jewelry that much. I have two rings that I wear on my right ring finger from my son. I NEVER take them off. I have tan lines around them, cute.
  • I wear 3 earrings and change them maybe once a week
  • I have a few favorites, and when I go out, even to the store, I might wear a fitting pair. Or just because I like the look or the sound, I might wear some when I work around home
  • Most days they are different, gotta see the same face in the mirror everyday but at least not my jewelry!
  • I only have one peice of jewlery and it's a penny that I turned in to a necklace. I never take it off.
  • I wear my ring every day. The same two bracelets everyday. And my envelope necklace from Urban Outfitters, most days, because I'm in love with it. Earrings, I've got masses. I haven't worn any in ages, because my hair generally just covers them up. So there's not much point.
  • I am wearing a diamond ring from last 20 years & a bracelet from last 9 years & a gold chain in neck.I wear them on regular basis & do not find any need to change on daily basis.Thanks for reminding.It is time to change them all with the new ones :))
  • My earings? I don't wear earings at home, but when I go out, I choose them according to my outfit..
  • I should wear earrings more often because the hole is always closing up and I have to sort of push it through...ouch. I keep a necklace on all the time and if Bob doesn't salt anything while cooking ,I am able to keep my rings on all the time also.
  • I change jewelry everyday with the exception of my wedding ring. I do have my favorites that I wear more than some of my other pieces. I am a jewelry NUT!! :)
  • Usually wearing the same ones ... pearls. Will change to go out.
  • I have pierced ears (12th bday) but can't wear earing as my ears start to swell immediately, even gold or silver, i have sensitive skin. I dont really wear other jewellry unless i'm going out and then wear just a couple of things, i have lots of jewellry though, strange? I can't wear watches because they always stop on me.
  • I have none but just say the word, Sweetcakes and I'll have my ears pierced. :-)
  • Everyday. Somedays its just sweats and no earrings. But I make Jewelry and need to be my own advertisment. I was not a reall jewelry person for years. But its fun and love to have fun with it.
  • Everyday :) love a new look :)
  • I don't wear it, don't need it, I know I'm valuable without it. But back in my formative years I used to like to color coordinate the jewelry with the outfit
  • I do not wear ear rings and do not wear any jewelry at any time that includes rings.
  • i dont wear any

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