• In school, I learned how to fill in the _______'s ☺
  • How to be a good wisenhimer to be carried onto AB.
  • conformity.
  • the art of drowning out public speakers so you can fall asleep faster...zzzzzzzz
  • how to bs life
  • in school you learn to cheat.
  • how to learn. Teachers, please note. This is much more important than all of the other skills and information.
  • How to follow the clock. Training for being a good future worker.
  • Nothing that will help you in the real world
  • Hopefully you learn how to find answers (solutions) to problems. and maybe a few quick facts.
  • That the suck ups in school usually turn into brown nosers in the work place & they get further faster then hard work & honesty
  • How to be a good mono thinking liberal.
  • 123456
  • You learn very little until you leave ... You then learn > you did not learn enough. Doh! ;)
  • , but only if you pay attention. how unfair life can be, and what you have to do to get ahead. that the teachers with the cool stories backing up their lessons are way more interesting then the teachers that drone on and on about facts with nothing interesting to add. nothing but how to make good excuses if that is all you are interested in learning. that you can be an adult with cool stories that will always impress and entertain, or a boring asshat that works for minimum wage and yells at kids to get off of his lawn. that love is a roller coaster ride the likes of which theme parks can only dream about. useless subjects that aren't all that useless once you're playing in the adult world.
  • How to be a social person. How to not abide by the rules and get away with it to the best of your ability. How to take notes. How to cuss. How life works, and what type of people are out there (take a look around you). You learn about narcotics and drugs (I'm not talking about D.A.R.E. either lol). You learn how to be cool with the ladies. You learn to sell yourself to your superior (teacher) the way he wants to perceive you, without being 100% yourself, naturally. Most importantly, you learn JACK SHIT that would come in handy in the future.
  • what they want you to learn, later you learn the truth or become a robot
  • its not wat u learn in class that matters, its the other parts that are more important, chances are your not going to remember the math class you took 10 years ago, but I am sure you will remember the teachers or people at the time who taught you wat was really important
  • In school you learn so sit down shut up and do as you're told In life, you're rewarded for independent thought and action.

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