• I think it's Joe Sixpack's cousin and the hockey mom's husband!
  • I'm curious too.. I'm guessing you're watching the debate?
  • That pathetic failure of an American who couldn't survive the economic crisis, but we will all sympathize with him and know that Sarah Palin is totally looking out for him -- and therefore... all of us!
  • Bob the Builder's mate.
  • I couldn't help myself:):) Plumbers crack!! there is like 500 pictures of people with plumbers crack..LOL:) I decided on this one;)
  • Another weapon in McCain's arsenal of irrelevance, diversion and obfuscation. He keeps throwing out crap hoping something, anything will stick. I don't know..some real guy..some fictional doesn't matter because none of it was germane. Happy Thursday, Sweet T! :) ((hugs))
  • To meet/greet Obama, Why did Joe the plumber from Cincinnati travel to Toledo. Obama spoke at three different rallies near Cincinnati just last week - three different events. Hummm!!!! for some reason this plumber's pipes don't smell so good.
  • What a bunch of idiots you people are. Every politician is going to tell you a bunch of crap. If it is your guy you will not believe it if he is not honest. Of course Mr. Obarfa is above all that. He is all mighty and good. LOL LOL LOL Oh my gosh you younguns are so easy to fooled. The people who are going to vote this guy in are the same idiots who would vote in a tree frog if it was in rock star ststus. I am getting ready to have Obarfa spread my meager wealth around to the welfare class and you better get ready too. And by the way when the do nothing Democratic congress finally does do something they will try to squelch our freedom of speech. Having tv and radio that has an oposit opinion is good. If I wanted to live in a country where the government was heavy handed with the media I'd move to Cuba or another socialist leaning government. But I don't. I like the freedom my family fought for in the Revolutionary war. But we all might as well get ready for this man and his wife who don't appreciate this country for what it is warts and all. I am not going to like being made to feel like I have to keep appologizing for the mistakes of the past.
  • It's Rosie the Riveter's grandson. It's no REAL person. Just the typical "blue collar" worker.
  • His name is Joseph Wurzelbacher,from Toledo,OH. He's the guy that Obama basically blew off when he asked about his tax plans.
  • The plumber with a real 'plumbers crack' I saw it (Shudder) who tried to open my drain lines and spread concrete dust all over the hours. Didn't Work! We had to have the front lawn dug up.
  • My Niece's husband?
  • This is Joe The Plumber.
  • Joe The Plumber is famous now! Hes a guy that had a question about his business for Obama pertaining to taxation fears. This was televised when Obama visited the state he lives in.
  • A Roto Rooter expert. My 2 cents.
  • His name is Joseph. He is a plumber.
  • Who knows? Apparently, McCain believes "personal anecdotes" about the "common man" makes him more attractive to voters. The technique is so transparently manipulative that by the end of the debate I didn't give a damn about Joe OR his plumbing.
  • i only know ONE plumber...his name is...MARIO
  • The phrase "plumbers crack" didn't get coined for nothing.Pull your pants up!!!
  • hi, sweet T, babieeeeeeeeeeeee ... only barack and mccain knows him ... LoLz ... ^_^
  • was it from Green Acres?
  • There is a company in my area called "Joe the Plumber". he said that he will be parking in front of her next speaching engaement with his truck! Marketing!
  • A guy that made the mistake to hold Obama's feet to the fire regarding his socialist tax policies. I like Joe the Plumber want to make more then 250,000.00 a year someday, but I don't want to be punished for it.
  • He is the person who has started the turn of this election back toward McCain. Obama is not fooling the American people any longer. We all now know what his tax plan will do....and it was explained by Obama himself. "Spread the wealth?" No thanks!
  • Someone the Press is going to destroy because he is trying to figure out Obama and he was used in the Debate to help McCain so the press will ruin him VIA the politics of personal destruction. Welcome to the hell that is American Politics.

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