• I'm not sure, but I've decided that I'm going to be the biggest, most unruley pain in the ass when I'm old. And everytime someone says something about it my excuse is going to be "God damn it! I'm old!"
  • I find that a lot of them simply start that way and don't get better. Obviously, they didn't get laid enough as young people.
  • You telling me i am old you two bit youngster, why we were grumpy before you were born. Bah humbug. You don't know you are born today. ...Blimey, i'm only thirty.. (sheepish look) ;)
  • Because those blasted kids won't get off my lawn!
  • They do not get grumpy they simply lose the art of pretence.
  • I think it's because they can. When I'm old I'm going to be the coolest old person ever. I'll be listening to loud hip hop, and probably be on lots of drugs.
  • Because it HURTS to get old! No, just kidding there. It DOES hurt but I believe people that are grumpy were grumpy before they were old. We just called it something else. :)
  • Wouldn't you? Our society displays both overt and covert ageism. People don't have respect for the elderly the way they used to. Furthermore, just when the elderly need it the most, their ability to pay for health care diminishes considerably. Forget Medicare. That's a joke. Most doctors won't even take it. Combine all of that with watching your friends and loved ones pass away, and it's no surprise that some of the elderly are "grumpy."
  • Thats just what I would expect a young wipper sanpper to say! In my day we had respect and didnt ask questions.
  • Poor circulation
  • hi, sara, babieeeeeeeeee ... not all old people get grumpy ... look at michael douglas ... well on 2nd thought ... he is kinda grumpy ... or kinda less grumpy after marrying catherine zeta jones ... LoLz ... ^_^
  • Who the hell are you calling "Grumpy?"
  • enlarged prostate
  • Two reasons: Either they were already grumpy when they were young and just restrained themselves for the sake of employment or they really feel bad physically and it is all they can do to function. Most people I know have gotten sweeter with age.
  • sexual frustration ha!
  • we have had to work hard for a long time , we have aches and pains now , and we have to put up with whiney, spoiled young people - that's my story and i am sticking to it
  • because once youve found out what everything is really about, it's pretty damn depressing, and this is right when young snotty POS's replace all your good stuff with total shlt. And they elect a Trump, and republicans. And you realize EVERYTHING IS CRAP. EVERYTHING. Thats why. And if you dont die young, it'll happen to you as well.
  • my grumpiness usually has to do with dealing with chronic pain and insomnia I get grumpy when I don't sleep for 2 or 3 days. Many are on limited incomes many can't work any longer some have fought in Wars and lost children there a lot of reasons to be grumpy when you get old.
  • maybe things did not go well for them when they were younger
  • Hrumph! Who says so?
  • Because we have already seen and endured the stupidity of others soooo long, seen their same ole crap recycled over and over year after year, watched the same old mistakes repeated ad infinitum, heard the same tired excuses for those mistakes...there is a limit to anyone's patience.
  • the ones who get grumpy probably have early dementia etc etc
  • That's a massive generalization. Only SOME people do, just as some people are grumpy when they are younger. And those who do are often just impatient with or exasperated by things they know are pointless or ridiculous. After a lifetime of experience, you learn to recognize that easily. Others may be suffering from the various aches, pains, and other problems of old age. These can certainly make them grumpy. But don't generalize. It's unintelligent.
  • Not all old people get grumpy maybe they just get lonely
  • They refuse to put up with any more drama.
  • They have less tolerance for BS.
  • Not all old people are grumpy. You are stereotyping old people.

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