• Bacon :-)
  • A really good cheese I used to get yo...
  • This statue ...
  • The ladies.
  • A line from Hamlet. "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."
  • Great Dane
  • Vikings!
  • Hans Christian Anderson
  • Tulips
  • GreenFreak Um, that and my ex-husband.
  • Mermaids and my cousin she was born there.
  • Bacon ha!
  • The happy place :)
  • Scary throne god.
  • ABer by the name of Green Freak who lives in Denmark.
  • My trip to Copenhagen last summer with a friend. I had an excellent time. :)
  • Prune Danish pastry.
  • i recently told some people that i was going to go to Denmark they asked me the following questions: where in germany is that? do they speak denmarkish? is that a country? wheres that? do they eat danish? do they celebrate thanksgiving(also Fourth of July)? What state is that in? people still ask me how my plans are going for daneland, denland, norway, and iceland.
  • I can't limit it to one. In no particular order: The country I was priviledged to live in as an exchange student. The country whose people partially subsidized the year I spent there as an exchage student. (I'm never going to be able to say "thank you" enough for that, but I'm not going to stop trying.) The first country in the modern world to say that gay people (like me) shouldn't be discriminated against in employment and housing, and the first to say that my relationship with my partner -- in other words, my family -- is worthy of respect. The country where, when you ask how they transitioned from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy, will tell you that it was peaceful. "We were going to have a revolution, but it rained. And, anyway, when we asked,the King said, 'Sure. Okay.'" The country where, when it was occupied by the Nazis during World War II and they decided to implement their "final solution," managed to smuggle 98% of their Jewish population out of the country and to safety in Sweden. (This did not start as an organized effort -- it's just that pretty much every Danish Jewish family had Christian neighbors who decided individually and pretty much spontaneously to risk their lives to save them. So they just hid them at first -- took about a week to get the actual evacuation put together. But, hey, they're Danes. No sweat.) The country with the Queen who's a highly respected graphics artist (and deservedly so). The country where people like to tell you that Denmark is a little country,(Danmark er jo et lille land.), when in point of fact, with regard to anything that matters, there isn't anything that's little about the place. And a place where people have learned to deeply love their country without turning into assholes about it. (A skill we Americans have sometimes sorely been in need of learning.) Oh, yeah, and the beer is really, really good, too.
  • Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
  • The bog man! Tollund Man is the name given to an Iron Age man whose body was recovered in amazingly pristine state from the Bjældskovdal peat bog near Tollund, Denmark. Tollund Man is probably among the most well-known and often-photographed bog body, because of the wonderful preservation of his face; in fact, when he was discovered in 1950, the police had a hard time believing he had been dead that long. He was nude, except for a cap and belt, and the rope around his neck; he was killed about 210 BC.
  • Dansk So unoriginal XD
  • Greenland

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