• The old fashioned washboards are a matter of opinion. If you have time I would say they are better. Each clothing item gets individual care. Stains can be worked on as needed. In a washing machine it just does what it does. You can work with items that really need it by handwashing. It can also be a good exercise program! lol
  • The old fashioned washing boards were not as effective because they caused the hands to become very sore and chapped, and with each item, they got less and less clean as the washer woman got more and more tired, and as the water got dirtier and dirtier. Also the water maybe started out hot, but cooled off very quickly, therefore was not as good at taking the dirt out. Each item might have gotten three minutes of wash time, and then was dropped into a basket to get dirty all over again before the load was ready to wring out and hang up to dry. With a modern washer, each item gets the hottest water the whole time, and gets agitated for at least 20 minutes, and the water is changed between each load. Usually the clothing is taken directly to the dryer or hung on the line right away.
  • They're generally better for getting things cleaner. A bit difficult for bigger items like sheets.

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