• To avoid damage from fluctuating temperature and humidity level, it should be ensured that these paintings are kept in temperature-regulated rooms. The acceptable temperature and humidity levels for oil paintings are as follows – In winter the ideal temperature is between 65 to 70 degrees F and the accepted Relative humidity is 40%-45%. In summer the ideal temperature is between 70 to 75 degrees F and the accepted Relative humidity is 45%-55%. Paintings should be carefully dusted and be kept in non-smoking zones to avoid mold formation and nicotine deposits. To avoid damages from improper cleaning proper precautions should be taken, soft brushes should be used to remove dust from the paintings. Only trained conservators should handle them. One should be careful not to brush off paint chips while cleaning the paintings. The back of the painting should be kept clean by brushing or vacuuming. In order to clean the back, the painting should be removed from its picture frame and placed face down on a clean surface. To avoid insect infestation, the paintings should be routinely examined and kept in a plastic bag and examined, if found to be infested. Paintings should always be carefully hung and displayed so as to avoid any accidents.
  • To preserve your expensive oil painting, follow these steps: - Maintain the temperature and humidity of the room where the painting is hanged. - Don’t let the painting get exposed to harsh sunlight. - Make sure that the painting is hanged securely from both the sides. - Regularly dust the painting with soft brushes. - Keep the painting away from smoke and fire.

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