• it just takes a nice smile.
  • Yes. Most of the most beautiful people I ever knew were over the age of 60, and half of those were over 80. It's the personality that makes a person beautiful, at least to me.
  • Yes,and so can you!
  • In my experience, true beauty has nothing to do with physical appearance, so, yes, you can be beautiful at any age.
  • Sure can. I think that many people are more beautiful as they age. It's far more than looks that make a person beautiful.
  • Absolutely! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!..:)
  • My Great Grandmother was the most beautiful woman of all time. She was a proper English woman who came to the states when she was a young teen. When I would stay at their home out in the woods of New York State, she would get up every morning and wash up, and sit at her vanity putting her long hair in a soft braid, wrapping the end of it with her own hair she saved in the drawer. She would wrap the braid lightly on the top of her head and use combs and a few hair pins to hold it up on her head. She would gently tap powder on her face and place just a little rouge on her checks. She would get put on a clean crisp dress that she had sown herself. By the time my Great Grandfather got downstairs for breakfast, she had been out and cut fresh flowers that would be on the table when he got down. The smell of coffee and fresh cut cantaloupe filled the kitchen. Grandma would be at the sink and Grandpa would sneak behind her and then nibble on her neck....
  • Yes of coarse
  • yep, sure can!

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