• $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • I think we are well learned people!! Doesnt make me any better..just more in debt and having two more pieces of paper!
  • They made good choices regarding education. They still are just my friends like the ones who didn't graduate high school, who made wrong choices.
  • Having an advanced degree gave me a feeling of great accomplishment, particularly since my high school guidance counselor recommended that I take up a trade. : ))
  • It means they made it through and I didn't.
  • Since most of the ones I know hold it over my head and treat me like I'm stupid, I think they are too arrogant for their own good and need to be pushed off their high horse.
  • I respect the discipline and determination. I know it's not for everyone, but I certainly appreciate higher education very much.
  • More dedicated than me. I just mentally could not see myself going on to another degree after my BA(Hons).
  • i think WOW! i wanna be like them one day ;) hope you're still working your way through it, by the way ;)
  • Fair play to them they deserve it :)
  • I think a majority of them are awesome people. Its the bad apples that lord it over people that are either working towards it or worse can't because of low level jobs under the bad apples.
  • Hard working dude XD
  • respet
  • Here, you only need to get to Level 30 to become a professor. It takes much less time.
  • well, it's respect and also responsibility.
  • I am a graduate student right now, And I know it's a lot of job as more of precision and accuracy is needed from you unlike undergad.Therefore, it is worth the expperience but not enough for anyone to be proud. A degree is not and invention. most inventors never had any form of degree than honourary due to their jobs. Degree is more of learning what another man has known. COPY-CAT. however, during your thesis, you could make a difference and add to body of knowledge. You might possibly invent. good luck.
  • I have an enormous amount of respect for them. After getting my B.A....well lets just say getting my BA was enough college for me. But some people just are obsessed with education and wont stop until they have a Ph.D. However, it also depends on what their major is...If its something like science or medical then I think they made the right choice. However if its something like French, or Art...I think their dumbasses and are just finding an excuse to stay in school because their not ready to go out and face the real world. In those liberal arts fields like Art, Theatre, or French or any other foreign language. You DO NOT need a M.A. to get a good job. They're basically just wasting money.
  • They're like me with my Masters.....they're great! Lol.
  • Respect. :)
  • I spent my working life as a lecturer in a university and as such all my colleagues had doctorates, and some had senior doctorates. In this environment having a doctorate was just the normal thing, like having chalk on your coat. So I didn't think much about it. I was always pleased when my graduate students joined the club. When I first graduated I was a bit miffed from time to time when people would say to me that I wasn't a real doctor, because I wasn't a physician or a surgeon. Our local newspaper refuses to refer to holders of PhDs as doctors because this might confuse its provincial readership. Evidently they don't think much at all of doctoral degrees.
  • educated..
  • Smart..:)
  • I have got two master's and doctorate" and one post doctorate degrees! I'm good, rich, and handome besides being happy! Best regards, solzhenitsyno8 (see in google)
  • I view master's degrees a little different than doctorate degrees. Depending on what the master's degree is in also. A master's in Accounting or an MBA is real different than a master's degree in History. I was married to a doctoral candidate and I found most of the people I met getting PhDs were just avoiding going out into the real world. Anyone who would spend ten years in college to make the marketable in a field that pays $50,000 a year is hiding out from the real world.

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