• you'd be amazed at the kind of strength that parental love produces.
  • Part of the responsibility you have when you decide to be a parent in the first place. I never thought I would have to raise my daughter by myself, but it happened. I knew I would be strong enough to do whatever I needed to to raise my daughter and give her all she needed.
  • It's amazing, I want to ask my dad how he didn't break down when my mom left us all...he's the strongest man I know. I love him so much!
  • I loved the challenge of single parentdom from my son being born to him being 4 years old i was on my own,juggling work and home then finding playtime i loved it all it kept me on my toes...mind you having my mum living just across the street from me helped:-)
  • Honestly, I think the strength to be a single parent, for me, came from God. I don't think I could have done it alone. And, some of the strength came from my child, who, by loving me, gave me more strength to go on and do it alone. I think each parent finds their own strength, from their children, within themselves, from family and friends, from their sense of responsibilty or duty.
  • I think the bond betwen parent and child is the strongest, most selfless bond possible between two human beings. The strength partly comes from the biological link, but also a personal and societal belief that children must be protected above and beyond everything else. Of course not everyone lives up to that belief but many parents quietly do and overcome all sorts of obstacles, physical, emotional and financial to do it. Being a single parent just means that the amount of responsibility is doubled. There's no-one automatically there to lean on for your own needs and I think that's where single parenthood is the toughest. I agree that single parents are not credited with how well they do - instead they are often sneered at for a situation that may not have been of their making.
  • You do what needs to be done, and suddenly your kids are grown! Seriously, I was always so busy while raising my 2 daughters that I rarely had time to notice that I was doing it alone. I don't think it's emotional strength so much as strength of character - wanting to provide your kids with every opportunity to have a rich and fulfilling life, full of love, laughter and challenge, and giving them that.
  • It comes naturally in most cases with or without support from family and friends. It can be hard at times but worth every moment. I have raised my 7 year old on my own and my heart swells with pride when people compliment on her manners and good behaviour.
  • well i believe you have to be a strong beliver of God.That child is very innocent it desrves nothing but the best learn to depend on the spiritual streng it will really do you good
  • In the word of God!
  • because you have to. the baby didnt bring itself to the world the parents did so if for some reason one parent decided to be a deadbeat and back out the other parent has to give the baby enough love for 2 parents. it gets hard(i know that 4 sure) but you can handle what ever problems come your way and the baby can't so you have to do it for them afterall thats in the parent description isn't it?
  • Just think of the love you have for your child and that would make you climb mountains. I raised three girls on my own. I look at them today and think to myself, it wasn't easy but was all worth it. See if there are any single parent support groups in your area and do take some time to yourself once in a while. Do yourself up and go out. Whatever your time out is, you will feel refreshed. Just remember to be able to look after your child, you must look after yourself. Good Luck and all the best.
  • I am a widow. My daughter and her husband died in a car accident leaving me with their four year old son to raise. I retired and have raised him alone. He is now 12. Has it been tough, yes at times. But the absolute joy is much more. He is a A student, plays basketball and I am there for every game. Most kids with two parents don't get that.
  • I tried to do it on my own...But, the power of prayer and GOD have made things alot easier for me.

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