• you mean like reincarnation ? or a "life in death", like heaven ? if it the first then that' already exists in buddhism, which acknowledges no gods yet believes in rebirth of the soul if the latter... while I know of no formal religion with said belief, technically all that's required to believe in life in death is the belief in a soul. god is just gravy theists added to the recipe at some point. that's how I see it, at least concerning the god, no afterlife... monotheistic religion has no indication of an afterlife at it's core different factions added such concepts as heaven and hell either to soothe fears or to control the masses, but the written word does not originally refer to the afterlife to acknowledge or de-legitimize it i'll admit my knowledge of religions other than judaism is lacking in this area but i think monotheistic religion is inherently similar enough to be in sync concerning this topic I'd love a little crash course if someone wishes to correct me
  • Of course you can. You just don't believe in heaven. As for the vice versa, I would think so but I've yet to meet a Christian that doesn't believe in Heaven... it's a pretty good basis for the religion.
  • No. One is a means to the other and vice versa
  • believing in after death life without god makes no sense vice versa makes god unfair because our life is unfair

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