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  • Well I don't know if it's strange but when me and my fiance are doing it I want him to choke me really hard I like it when he puts a leather belt around my neck and holds on to so every time he goes faster and harder it tightens up on my neck. It turns me on to be choked like you see killers choking girls on scary movies. I'm strange I know.
  • Actually one strange thing I have done was my GF got really hot and wanted it so bad that I secured her wrists to the bedposts (consentually) and i would put it in her and pull out s l o w e l y and make her stretch her body to get it inside her, then i would distract her by tickling and she would heat up like a furnace and shake from the orgasm. then she would call back for a repeat!
  • I have asked my husband to suck on my toes. For some bizarre reason it turns me on. I like him to suck my toes while he is having sex with me.
  • I like to be bitten .. not to draw blood but I like the pressure
  • the wierdest thing i have done was to put my nipple into the slit of a mans penis
  • well..... not THAT strange but when my X bf was taking me from behind and all the sudden slammed it in the back door. i didn't like that... omg... that's kinda strange for me. Use your thumb maybe, haha. But no cocks in there thankyou.
  • looked around the fruit and veg isle in search for a dildo alternative LOL. Greta idea with a condom!
  • My husband drank wine out of my pussy,,,I was funny but made me cum hard
  • ------------------cant say what it was sorry :_{
  • A great-grandma & her oxygen bottle.
  • I was sleeping over at my in-laws place (wife's sister and her husband) I was just getting settled in to sleep on the couch, when my sister-in-law came downstairs in white cotton panties and a very thin white tank top that you could see her nipples through. She told me she wanted to ask me something. She explained how they had been experimenting sexually lately and that he had wanted to watch another man sleep with her. She looked really awkward, and I wasn't sure what to make of it. When she said, "what do you think..." I thought she was asking for advice. Then she asked, "...are you interested?" I realized what was going on. I had know her since she was in grade school and she had never talked to me about anything even remotely sexual, she was always a goodie tooshoos. So I asked her what was going on, she told me it was her husbands idea, that he told her recently that he likes to be humiliated. She said she thought it was weird but she would try it for him. I asked her, "why me?" And she said that she told him that it had to be her choice. "...and I've always wanted to fuck you." She told me. Well I was sold. We went upstairs and her husband was in the corner of the room hand-cuffed naked to a chair. She told me, "the freak is sitting on a butt-plug...weirdo" Then she slipped off my pants and started sucking my cock. She really went to town, made a big show of it. After a bit she asked me to fuck her. So we got on the bed and she was wild the whole time she kept yelling insults out at her husband about how much better I was than him. Finally she asked me to put it in her ass. Her husband looked like he got pissed and said that she never let him do that, she just yelled back, "that's cause I don't LIKE having sex with YOU" I then proceeded to pound her ass until I finally filled it with cum. Then she unlocked her husband and said, "would you make yourself useful and clean this mess up?" He did as she said and started to lick the cum out of her ass while she was blowing me again. This went on for about two or three rounds. After that night we never did it again, they got divorced about a year later. I felt bad and asked her if it was because of that night. "God no!", she told me, "He just wasn't a real man. "Don't worry, getting the chance to fuck you was the best part of my marriage"

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