• Only if there are limits as to what you can purchase with the money! Some idiot out there will buy 500K of troll dolls to make themselves happy!
  • If by "facing" you mean we are in a depression, I don't think it is quite that bad, though the stock market did drop lower than it did the day after 9/11. I think if something isn't resolved with the bailout plan or if the bailout plan is botched, it could very well rival October 29,1929, though that is pure speculation, and a depressing one and that, which is kind of fitting.
  • it would cost $150 trillion to give every person $500,000
  • I wish there were dates on questions and answers. Because I cannot tell if this question is from years ago. It does not seem relevant to 2017 when banks undergo stress tests and no bailouts are necessary with the economy improving. The only 700 something dollar bailout that I was aware of was what President Obama came up with as payback for his election. His only stimulus for the general population was a temporary reduction in social security tax which is already on track to eventually run out of money.

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