• A Jew. He did not have a chance to believe in himself before he was crucified. Now I believe he is a Christian.
  • Jesus Christ was believed to be a Jew. Christianity didn't really come along until after his resurrection...I
  • Jesus Christ was a Jew. The Pilate and the Roman soilders that were abusing him knew that and they mocked him, calling him "The king of the Jews". Jesus, through His mother Mary was a descendant of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah and King David. The genealogical records at the temple in Jerusalem ( that were available while he was alive) would confirm this, hence there is no record in the Bible of his religious enemies denying his being born of the Tribe of Judah. Really, Jesus ministry was confined to teaching his brothers, his fellow Jews. It was only later that His Heavenly Father opened the way for the Gentiles.
    • Nick Batchelor
      And Jesus wasn't Trinitarian. :)
  • Jew is a race and not neccessarilly all Jewish people follow the Jewish religion. Jesus was widely considered a person of Jewish heritage.
  • he was born a Jew and followed the Jewish belief system, but he believed he was the Son of God, unlike some Jews... I'm not excatly sure but you could go to to try to find the answer. Good question
  • As ANY basic encyclopedia will tell you, online or off, he was a Jew. (eg "King of The Jews")
  • He was a jew. A christian is someone who follows jesus.
  • He was a Jew. "Christ wasn't a Christian. Mohammed wasn't a Mohammedan. "Buddha wasn't a Buddhist." Chopra I think
  • Jesus was a Jew.
  • definitely jewish. Christian is a term applied to his followers, which was originally called The Way. Jesus also didn't subscribe to a particular doctrine , if that's what the question was asking. Doctrine is a man-made thing.
  • This is tough to explain from a neutral viewpoint, but here it goes: These things are known: Judaism was the primary religion at one time and the religion that Jesus was born into. Prophets earlier had fortold of the coming of the massiah, who would save mankind from their sins. Jesus was crucified under the title "King of the Jews." This is where the debate comes in. Christians beleive that Jesus was the messiah, while Jews believe that the massiah has yet to come. So basically, the old Jewish religion was split into the Judaism we have today and Christianity which he taught and very much beleived in. You can make an argument for either one of the religions based on the above.
  • Jesus was born of a Jewish woman(Mary). Christian was the term used to describe His disciples and means "follower of Christ".
  • I say Christian; he believed in himself and that he was the son of God. Then again, this is a smart-ass, Devil's advocate type of answer not meant to be taken seriously so take it with a grain of salt.
  • He was jewish. Christianity is a religion and he of course was the the source on which it was based, but not until after his passing and ressurection.
  • He was a Jew and he was/is Christ. For more info, check out this link:
  • Jesus Christ is a Jew. Christ is in Christian, and in order to be a Christian you have to believe in Jesus Christ. So Jesus was not a Christian, but Christians believed in him.
  • I think he was a Jew.
  • Jesus was born into a Jewish family, and most likely practiced whatever Jewish traditions his family practiced in those 33 years we don't "officially" know about. But I believe after he was Baptized, he became the first Christian leader, if not the first Christian. That may be something of a misnomer, though, as I don't believe he ever told anyone to worship him, just that the way to eternal life with God was through him.
  • Not only was he Jewish, he was also a carpenter. He could make one heck of a coffee table.
  • Yes. Despite the assertion by many white supremacists to the contrary.
  • Of course Jesus was a Jew. Did you not know He was crucified as "King of the Jews"? I have always thought it funny that my Lord and Savior is Jewish and I am Christian. Now the word Christian means Christ Like. Jesus was Christ so He was not Christ like but actually Him. Jewish people worshiped at the temple. They killed and bled the animals to repent for their sins. Jesus became the sacrifice and by His Blood the sins of the world are forgiven. And when He died on the cross, He said, "It is finished"
  • Jesus was born Muslim. He will be coming back as a Muslim.
  • Was Jesus a Jew? Yes he was, from the tribe of Judah. (See Matthew’s Genealogy of Jesus in Matthew Chapter 1, versus 1-17. In Genesis 49:10 Jacob made reference to the significant authority and power would reside with the tribe of Judah until the coming of Shiloh. This descendant of Judah is Jesus Christ, the one upon whom Jehovah has bestowed heavenly rulership. Christ holds royal authority and possesses the power to command. See the scriptures found at —Psalm 2:8, 9; Isaiah 55:4; Daniel 7:13, 14.
  • Jesus did not and does not need to be a Christian. And He was a Jew.
  • That's about as dumb a question you can get on AB
  • According to Scripture, Jesus is a Jew. He came to His own, and His own people [the Jews] did not receive Him. (John 1:11) This is why Pontius Pilate asked Him if He was King of the Jews. Jesus replied: "You have said so." To the word Christian in the Greek, it is defined as xpiotiavos (Christianos), meaning: a follower of Christ.
  • Jesus was born a Jew. As such, he worshipped the 'God of the Jews' whose name is Jehovah. He established a new way of worshipping that God, Jehovah. The Jewish system was abolished. The Christian way was established, however, the God was the same. When Jesus taught his followers to pray the 'Lord's Prayer', also called the 'Our Father', the first thing he taught to pray for was the sanctification, or setting apart as holy, that name, Jehovah. It is the name God chose for himself, as recorded at Exodus 3:15. When Moses asked who he should tell the Isrealites had sent him, he told Moses: "This is what you are to say to the Isrealites, 'Jehovah the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you.' This is my name forever, and this is how I am to be remembered from generation to generation." Jesus established the Christian religion to honor his Father, Jehovah.
  • The disciples of Jesus Christ were first called Christians in Antioch (Acts 11:19-26). This was after Christ's Ascension. Jesus was/is a jew. They are His chosen people. He sure seems to put a lot of effort into a people that doesn't believe Jesus is the Son of God. :/

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