• You mean on where it loads your username and you put in a password? Start your pc in safemode and, with most computers, you can type in admin, or go to the admin profile, and there should be no password on it, or it will ask you for the password and for you to create a new one. If so, just leave the "current apssword" blank, and create a new one. Once logged in as admin, simply remove the password from your other account.
  • Sure, but a lot depends on the operating system you're using. If you or another user has an administrative account then that can be used to change your user password. If you use any version of Microsoft Windows, then this password reset CD can be used: If you use Mac OS X, then boot from your OS X CD and select reset password. If you use Ubuntu Linux simply select "Recover Mode" from your boot menu and reset your user password using "passwd".

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