• It's not clear what you're asking - if you are looking at a data connection that isn't measured in terms of minutes. If 10 MB is your speed, it would take you maybe 10 seconds to download a typical high resolution photograph. If 10 MB is your usage, you could download 8-10 typical high resolution photos. Wireless data contracts can be metered, where you get a certain amount of data transfer a month with extra usage charged per megabyte, or unlimited. How much you need depends on what you use it for.
  • If you have 10MB and you go straight to youtube, well, that'll get you a few minutes maybe. If you go to stripped-down email client with no pictures or whatnot, you have more time. Basically, you don't have a *time* limit, you have an information limit. 10MB is a little under 3 3.5 floppy disks, I think, if you're old enough that that's meaningful to you. That's how much you can download. so that's a few hundred emails, or 1-3 songs depending on length and audio quality.

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