• To shoot them in Georgia, you only need to be able to find a loaded one and pull the trigger. Farmers kids do it all the time. I think you really want to know something else. justme30: Actually no I dont have a hidden agenda here. My 5 year old son asked me how old he would have to be before he could shoot a gun...I didnt know. Joe: If you let him, he is old enough. If you want to know when he can legally do it alone without the aid of an older man or woman, then you are asking a different question and I don't know what the law says in Georgia. There would be an age limit and likely a training requirement before he was allowed to hunt.
  • If your under 18 you've gotta take a hunters safety coarse
  • A child can shoot at any age in Georgia. To purchase or legally carry a gun, I believe a person must be sixteen to hunt and eighteen to 'keep and bear' in every other respect. But don't trust my (or any other) answer. Talk to a lawyer or Federal Firearms Licensee. (The cops may or may not know--believe it or not.)

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