• I suggest Nikolai Tessler....he was amazing...
  • Tesla is amazing stuff...but about electricity and such. For medicine and the mind, why not Jung? He eclipsed Freud, as being the one who knew about psychology, and at the end of it all told us we are all connected on an unconscious level...making psychic arrangements with each other (so to speak), Look up "synchronicity" ..(and "the Collective Unconscious") ("Carl Jung") ...Yea, start with means when you think of something and it happens it's because someone heard you (unconsciously) and answered. Pretty cool thought for a responsible doctor to suggest, but he did! And there is more to life than meets the common eye, more than is routinely dulled away by idiots "speaking sense"!
  • Jenner discovered the cure for smallpox Fleming invented antibiotics Louie Pasteur invented pasteurization and then there are those that were named for the diseases that they worked with like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and of course Johns Hopkins you know the one that the hospital is named after are all interesting medical professionals.
  • 5-14-2017 After Antoine Lavoisier got his PhD in alchemy, he tackled a very old question: "When a glass of water evaporates, there is always a white residue, no matter how pure the water was. What is it?" Antoine did something nobody else had done: he weighed everything. The glass with the white residue weighed exactly the same as it did before the experiment. So he concluded that the residue was glass, dissolved in the water and precipitated as the water evaporated. This is considered the birth of chemistry, the science of measuring substances. Before that they only had alchemy, the science of mixing substances.

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