• Pork fish chicken beef turkey
  • Venison moose snake I was trying to stick to what we can find at the grocery store.
  • Deer squirrel elk rabbit moose bear muskrat duck goose beaver bison snake pigeon I think that covers my personal add-on list.
  • Mammal meat, like whale meat... I punch you out if I see you eating off of a whale or a dolphin...or a seal.
  • In modern English usage, meat most often refers to animal tissue used as food, mostly skeletal muscle and associated fat, but it may also refer to organs, including lungs, livers, skin, brains, bone marrow, kidneys, and a variety of other internal organs as well as blood. The word meat is also used by the meat packing and butchering industry in a more restrictive sense—the flesh of mammalian species (pigs, cattle, etc.) raised and butchered for human consumption, to the exclusion of fish, poultry, and eggs. Eggs and seafood are rarely referred to as meat even though they consist of animal tissue. Animals that consume only, or mostly animals are called carnivores. Red meat is darker-coloured meat, as contrasted with white meat. The exact definition varies, but the meat of adult mammals, such as beef, mutton, and horse is invariably considered "red", while domestic chicken and rabbit are invariably considered "white".
  • too many to list. it depends on where you live and what's acceptable. some people will eat anything. Including humans.
  • Looks like about all that's left is the not really meat vegetarian meat substitutes: seitan (wheat meat) tofu (soy meat) Boca (soy protein and wheat gluten) gardein (soy, wheat, ancient grains and veggies) tofurky (wheat protein, organic tofu) field roast (grain meat) I know they don't really count.

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