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  • Yes their is always a chance of getting pregnant. Espically if you didn't use a condom or any other type of birth control. Sperm are excellent swimmers. Next time use a condom, and talk to a doctor about getting on birth control.
  • Yes, you could be pregnant. Someone with excellent advice will answer this question, but I at least wanted to answer your question while you're waiting. I feel responsible to add this information - you should always use birth control if you don't want to get pregnant; you need to protect yourself from STDs by having your male partner wear a condom; 25% of women using the "rhythm method" still become pregnant;during intercourse a small amount of sperm can exit the male body PRIOR to his ejaculation, so the "pull-out" method isn't fullproof either. I'm sorry I can't offer you any advice for your current situation, but someone here will. Good luck, sweetie. Whatever happens you will be ok.
  • theres always a chance of getting pregnant, my mum had a coil fitted and was on the pill and yet, shes jsut had my little brother :) so you should always use a condom. and id go to your gp and ask to go on the pill. you dont have to have a parent there and they will never find out unless you tell them yourself. im also 14, and ive had sex over 11 times, with my boyfriend, we always use a condom and im on the pill. you can get all different kinds of condoms to make your sex more plesuarble for the both of you, if you dont want to get conndoms or your to embarresed, then get a friend to get them for you or an older brother or sister? if your not going to get condoms or go on the pill then i suggest you dont have sex. oh yea, andd if you do have sex without a condom you can go to the doctors and have the 72hourpill. ive had to go and have it when i was drunk at a party. (bad mistakee) but yeaa always be safe hunnie hope everything goes ok for you and your boyfriendd. much lovee chloee xx

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