• The origin of the phrase has nothing to do with gay practices. It is an old phrase used to refer to a bar, pub or club that is small and unpretentious. Not swanky or "lardey dardey".
  • Butch Cassity and the Sun Dance Kid were the original founders of and holders of the "Hole in The Wall" Located in eastern Utah and Western Colorado. After they robbed the bank in Teluride, Colorado (I think in the 1880s) the fled to their Hole in the Wall. I was going to be taken into the Hole in the Wall by some friends when I lived in western Colorado but I moved away before I was able to get in there. It is still pretty much of a secrete where it is located.
  • In real English (none of that mongrel American "English") the term "hole in the wall" refers to an ATM cash dispensing machine

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