• No, they died in accident. In really wierd accident.
  • i donno judge should say
  • No you dont. I seriously doubt that. Its like saying, "BOYFRIEND, Come over now. I really think there might be someone breaking in" and he flips his car and dies on the arent liable for his death because you requested he came over. Great question, dont know what it was down rated.
  • possibly. it's a federal crime to pull the fire alarm as it is. I did it once. thank god I was never caught. spent the rest of the week hiding from administration.
  • Go here, and look up the different things. (murder, manslaughter, etc) On the surface, I would say no, but read the examples for first degree murder, there is a felony murder rule that makes me thing you could get charged with something...
  • No. It wouldn't be your fault that the firemen don't know how to rush without getting themselves killed. I can see you getting in some trouble for a false alarm though.
  • I can see you being charged for involentary MS but as for your guilt that is for the jury to decide
  • in a way yes, you contributed to the fiermans death,you should be held responsible. you were the one who pulled the fire alarm!
  • If you pulled it when there was no fire, then you could be charged with the facilitation of their deaths through negligence. Are you guilty? Discuss that with a jury. I'd prosecute you, though. You created the environment that harmed them through a false report. they would not have been there without your falsely pulling the alarm.
  • yes i think so
  • It depends. You are guilty of manslaughter if you do a highly reckless act that results in a death. Whether or not pulling a firearm is highly reckless will vary depending on the situation and the community you are in.

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