• There's not one. No matter how happy a person is, that impulse will allways be there, the only way to even slightly delay it is to find something constructive to take up all your time that you used to use for self-destructive stuff.
  • Bored, I sure hope this isn't you we're talking about. But regardless: I think one has to seek some benevolent factor outside of our repetitive and destructive cycle. If we don't reach OUTWARD, it is likely that the destructive pattern continues. I also think that it takes some kind of external element to keep you honest with yourself, hence: AA groups,Weight Watchers, group therapy, and individual counseling. Those are generalities, however. At your age, I would say this: find two allies that seem healthy and happy, one of minority (a gal pal) and one of majority (school counselor or friend of one of your parents....) Confide in them and tell them that you want them to help you out of the rut. Also: keep a behavior modification journal so that you can monitor your own situation. For instance, regardless of the problem, whether it is cutting, or anorexia, dating dumbasses, whatever, write down each day: the date; your feelings at the beginning of the day; whether you did the behavior; your feelings at the end of the day; and a summation--why you think you were able or incapable of doing the destructive behavior that day. And then, baby, take it one day at a time. My thoughts are with you.
  • Often, psychologists can help. Often, self-determination can do it. Friends and family provide support. If you're trying to help someone else stop their destructive behaviour, you're in a tough position. They can request help at one point, then reject you the next minute. Keep in mind that they really do want that help. Just being there for them often helps.
  • I feel that anyone who is self destructing, needs therapy, in order to not spiral downward. Normally these people have endured some form of trauma. Some self medicate, some are cutters, some have eating disorders and the list goes on. For those out there who are self destructive they should get help ASAP. Once they get to the source they can begin to heal
  • I know this sounds corny, but you should write the pros and cons of important decisions you have to make. The self destruction type, tend to act, or react without thinking, so taking the time to think about everything, may help. If you find that you just don't care, I would speak to a doctor about this. One side effect of depression, is self destructive behaviors, compulsive behaviors. Good luck if this is you bored! I hope not, you seem so nice, and thoughtful!
  • Take a step back, look at your life. What are you procrastinating about? What do you want to do? List them and work on them, one by one. As you get things done, you will feel better. Each and every morning, think about those who wake up in pain or sick physically and feel thankful that you are not like that. You have a choice..It IS easier to continue hurting yourself, doing what comes natural but it's not the best option. You sound intelligent and you know what you're doing. You realise it's not only hurting you, but probably those around you. Those who rely on you. So there's absolutely no reason to continue, except for those few moments of gratification that disappear, leaving you feeling empty. Go ahead, make that list and do them one by one. The first you'll choose will be easy. The next few will be more difficult.. and that will test you. I'm sure you'll manage. Many others have.. and so will you.
  • They stop doing the behavior.

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