• I fully agree. How often do you see people talking on the phone, as compared to texting? How often do people tell you they hate talking on the phone, that texting is more convenient? As to positive or negative, well... that one's a bit harder. I personally see the negative side. There's something much more impersonal about texting, IMing, etc. When you call someone on the phone and can actuall hear the person, I find it has a psychological effect, causing you to remember that - hey!- that's my friend on the other end, and I don't want to offend them. When you talk in text, there's more of a tendency not to think about what you say until it's a bit too late. However, they have made life quite a bit easier. Can't hear the person on the other end due to noise? Send a text! Can't sleep, but don't want to wake up the whole house talking on the phone with your best friend? Text 'em! Texting/emailing/IMing has its place, and can be a very good thing. However, it's important that we remember when sending those electronic messages that there's actually a real person (and friend) that's reading it. If you want to talk to me, you'd better do it via actual phone call, 'cause if it goes on for more than about 2 or 3 messages, I'm gonna call it quits until you do!
  • Positive for business and ease of communication. Negative because these types of devices, as well as iPods, PSPs, etc, encourage isolation and a huge reduction of interaction with the outside world.
  • Depends on the individuals character

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