• hell no get away from him......why would you want him to do you likr the rest of them girls? what makes you different from them? do you really think he loves you and treat you different?
  • He sounds like too much trouble to deal with. Keep things simple for yourself.
  • But is this something you want to do? I love you no matter what you do. You're a good woman and he's a good man that caught up in a situation(a lot of them) you know I'm no taking up for him by any means, are you happy? Are you looking at your situation from another womans point of view or your own because sometimes we let go of our own happiness because we always afraid of looking stupid or afraid of what someone else is going to think. Yea I know a little bit of his background and I thought he was the scum of the earth but when I see him around you I see something different in him. I think he knows how good of a woman u are and wants to do right by you.

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