• He's being an idiot (sorry for calling your boyfriend an idiot by the way). I think we guys get used to having shorter girlfriends and in a primal way it makes us feel like a protector of some sort. By having a taller girlfriend he may feel like he isn't up to par. This is just a guess. I'm used to having a much shorter s/o.
    • Gelitius
      Pretty stupid to call him an idiot and then explain EXACTLY why he feels that way. You're a smart kind of stupid.
  • Men are conditioned from childhood to the idea that the man should be bigger and stronger than the woman. His reaction is completely "normal", although not very mature -- it's like a jukebox playing in his head: the height difference sticks in a quarter, and that tune goes off ... "you're not enough of a man". The cure for all such things is for him to become aware of those tapes and challenge them. You can't do anything about the fact that we all have a jukebox, but you can laugh at the song if you realize it's just a mechanical belch.
  • A large part of it is the mental association of height. If you're constantly tilting your head to talk to him, you're "looking down on him all the time". It does not go the opposite way, men are accustomed to tilting their head to talk to women and for 99% of "reasonable" men, they are not "looking down on them". Don't fight him on this, simply talk to him, let him know that you understand his frustration and you do not care about his height, nor does any sane woman worth being around. The important thing is Who he is, and that is not his height. If it helps, tell him his heart is bigger than most other guys....or..that he's bigger that other guys in different areas (just say those few inches of height relocated - make it a bit of a joke if he's comfortable with his penis size).
  • My HUSBAND of 2 yrs still thinks this way so good luck.I just avoid high heels.He is slowly starting to get over it though. We are both about the ame height but he thinks he should be taller than me bc hes a male. How retarded.(so I can relate) Whenever the topic comes up I just remind him that I love him exactly the way he is and I wouldnt change anything at all..Eventually ur bf will start to get over it too. It just takes time. Hope I helped???..!!
  • Well...I am sure that I am going to get DR'd for this, but I have some points to spare so here goes...for the most part, women DO NOT like short men.
  • Your boyfriend is insecure and this insecurity is probable a significant part of his personality. Are you also a lot stronger than him? Good luck…..
  • well, women don't short mem and that has given him self esteem issues. to a far lesser degree men don't like tall women. he is 3 inches shorter than average and you are 3 inches taller than average. if he states it as a fact that is fine (it is true), but if he mopes about it he needs help getting over it,,, maybe professional help because having a current GF should be enough to get over it.
  • I am a male in the same situation, I'm 19 she is 20, I'm 5'6" 135 lbs and she is 5'9".145lbs. At times i do feel insecure about my height especially when we both don't have shoes on. We have been dating 10 months and i am slowly getting over it. It's really hard to get that whole guys should be taller and stronger then woman idea out of your head when you have a girlfriend who is bigger than you(height and weight). She admittedly says she goes for tall guys and i say i tend to go for short girls but somehow we are very attracted to one another. I love her and no height issue will change that. hint to your guy, have him where something like Nike shocks that give him an inch or so and you where flats. That will even it out.
  • i'm 5'7 or 5'7 1'2 not sure... and my gf is 5'9 or 5'9 1/2 she weighs around 140 and looks good and i've been with her for a year and i love her... i weigh 160 lbs tho so i'm a lot stronger than she is which is a good thing.. and yes sometimes i do feel insecure dating her because she told me b4 she usually prefers a guy to be taller and myself i don't care. but those words she said b4 we dated for real still bother me sometimes.... but as a guy i don't care too much... my gf is hot and a sweetheart so i love her...
  • He's probably been rejected by taller women before. And most women do express a preference for taller men. Give him lots of positive reinforcement and compliment him on his looks.
  • I'm 5'7, I can bench 300, pitch in the 90s, out drink everyone I know. I am also a good fighter, and am better than average ameteur basketball player. Being short still does bother me a bit, but you have to deal with it. Most women I have dated have been at least the same height as me, or a bit taller. Just tell him, that you know he is short, and you don't care. Being short only sucks if you let it get to you. Maybe if you help him realize that, he would stop letting it bug him. Just my small (lol) bit of advice.
  • Well my Mom was 5'9" and my Dad said he was 5'7" but personally I think he was even a bit shorther than 5'7". It never bothered him or her and they were deeply in love and married for 40 years until he passed away. My daughter is 6'+ and none of the s.o. in her life were ever as tall as she is but it didn't seem to matter. She always says she can't help the way God made her, just like they can't help the way God made them and it shouldn't matter.
  • Personality, talent and accomplishment are nearly the whole of stature, height has little to do with it.
  • There is no problem on your end. He just needs to accept the fact or get moving. It is negitive for him to dwell on something that can't be changed, and it is not right for him to keep putting that negitive energy toward you. If he can't get over it move on.
  • He needs to get over that two inch difference already.

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