• 100 i thought
  • Mostly about 50, but with anywhere from 30 to over 200 depending upon species.
  • I found this on my computer, I think my crazy husband downloaded it. Have a laugh.
  • There are many species of centipede. The name "centipede" = "hundred footed" is not a scientific measurement, just "Ewww - that thing has got about a hundred legs".
  • Most people say centipedes have milions of legs. I say they are right. Most scientists say that but people say those are their feelers. Those people say they may have 100 legs or none. Those certain people will have to check-up on their research, but people like me, are correct. ☻
  • Most usually have 35 pairs of legs.
  • A centipede has 50 legs total (25 on each side). A millipede has 100 legs total (50 on each side).
    • Roaring
      Glad you factored the millipede into the conversation. As a kid we called them thousand leggers (surely an exaggeration)

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