• my sister in laws father is muslim... and they do not eat pork. he mentioned something about pigs represent evil, and filthiness and its not something that they want in their bodies. because from what i gather it would make them impure.... this is something i just looked up too... Islam has prohibited things (from being used as edibles) due to their physical or spiritual uncleanness or due to the effects that they may have on the morality of an individual or a collectivity. Pork has also been added to the list of these prohibitions of Islam. Due to this addition of pork in the Qur’anic list of prohibitions the Muslims do not eat pork. As far as the reasons for this disallowance or prohibition, the Qur’an has not clearly explained it. Nevertheless, because the Qur’an has clearly mentioned that the prohibitions are due to their inherent physical or spiritual uncleanness or due to the negative effects that something may have on the morality of individuals, it may be derived that the reason for the prohibition of pork also belongs to one of the two categories. However, as far as the specific reason for this prohibition is concerned, because the Qur’an has not mentioned it, therefore, I am not in a position to give any specific reason for it.
  • Judaism and Islam. They believe pigs are unclean.
    • dickw60
      It isn't they believe pigs are unclean it is because the Lord God in His law required the Jews not to eat pork. This is a ritual law for the Jews only and not the gentiles. Gentiles were never required to obey those ritual laws given the Jews.
  • Islam, Judaism and Seventh Day Adventist. Apparently Hindus and Buddhists are also not encouraged to consume pork as well due to their vegetarian practice. In Islam, the followers are encouraged to eat meat sourced from herbivorous animals ie plant eaters, such as beef, mutton and poultry products (as long as they're not birds of prey). Pigs are omnivorous, that's why pork is forbidden and considered "unclean" as they devour both plants and meat, basically they eat anything and everything. Muslims are not allowed to eat carnivorous animals as well as they are devours of meat and are also scavengers.
  • It is outlawed in the Bible.
    • dalcocono
      That rule was rescinded for Christians in Acts when Peter had his vision showing that the "unclean" was now clean. The only dietary restriction imposed upon us is to not eat meat that was strangled to death, or meat that had been sacrificed to idols.

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