• Does he want help. If he doesn't want help for his anxiety there is nothing you can do except be supportive. If he wants help and the condition is mild he can start with a few things: Self-help books on Anxiety/Phobia disorders. Support groups He can learn breathing and meditation techniques. There is a herbal remedy called rescue remedy. I use it and it can be used regularly or as needed for anxiety. It is NOT habit forming. See a therapist. If the anxiety is moderate or severe then he may need medication. There are both addictive and non addictive medications for anxiety. The above suggestions can also be used along with medication.
  • Sorry but you are not this guy's mother and he is not a child. Dating is your opportunity to determine is a person is someone with whom you want a relationship. If the person is flawed find someone else. He is not your responsibility nor is it within your power to fix him.
  • Many years ago I chewed my finger nails. That changed when a very intelligent man and leader said, "Chewing finger nails is the first evidence of insanity." I have never chewed my nails again. That was over 60 years ago. I can't bite off a hang nail today.
  • he needs to go see his doctor and get some antibiotics for it
  • Whats your question? We canmot diagnose that is against the law. If you feel he has anxiety make a counseling appt for the two of you and go. If the therapist wants to see him alone then drop out.
  • I chewed my nails. To stop it, I started clipping them very short. It was uncomfortable for a while, but I never(*) chewed them again. *Occasionally I am lazy and try to bite off a sharp corner.
  • he needs to go see a doctor and get on antibiotics if he has an infection like that

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